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The episode starts with the kidnapper noticing Rahat coming. He hides Gazal from his sight. Rahat hears a sound and check there. He mistakenly breaks the flower vase. Dua hears it and alerts Haider. The kidnapper thinks that everyone will wake up hearing this sound. Dua and Haider notices Rahat there. Rahat tells her that he got late. She asks him if he heard any sound? He says that he mistakenly broke the flower vase. She shouldn’t worry about it. She tells him that she will serve food to him. He says that he already ate. She scolds him for eat from outside. Rahat says that he ate without an option. He asks her to take a rest. Haider asks him to make her understand about it. The kidnapper takes Gazal from there. Meanwhile, Dua is worrying about Gazal. Haider says that she is thinking about her unnecessarily. He says that his choti Dua needs a rest. He makes her sleep and sleeps beside her. The kidnapper locked Gazal in a dark room. He takes a knife to kill her baby but stops. He thinks that he won’t kill her asap. She has to pay for her deeds. He says that he will kill her tomorrow.

The next day, Dua wakes up. Dua says to Haider that she is late. Haider pulls her towards him. She asks him not to romance with her at this time. She has many pending works. He romances with her. Dua says that she wants to give medicine to Dadi and Rahat. She wants to prepare breakfast for Gazal. Haider complaints that she isn’t worrying about him. He complaints to Choti Dua that his mom is playing with him. Dua says that she has to leave. Later, Dua gives tea to everyone. She is surprised to see Gulnaaz coming from outside. She asks her where did she went out morning itself? Gulnaaz managed to lie with her. Hina and Hameeda are making fun of her. Gulnaaz says that she fainted seeing Rahat first. Hina makes fun of her. Dua asks them to stop making fun of her. Hina asks her how did she got hurt on her head? Gulnaaz says that mosquito bites. Dua says that it’s not looks like mosquito bites.

Gulnaaz asks her if Rahat bite her then? Hina and Hameeda teases Rahat. Kaynaat comes there taking Subhan in her hand. Dua asks her why she is looking so happy today. She says that she tried new style. Dua appreciates her and leaves. Kaynaat hides the wound. Meanwhile, Dua thinks that she can’t hear Gazal’s sound. Dua noticed someone there wearing hoodie. She thinks that she saw this shadow yesterday. She is surprised to see Ruhan there. She asks him where were he yesterday? He tells her that he was in his room. Dua asks him not to lie. She visited his room yesterday. Dua asks him what have he done? Ruhan says that she can’t imagine about it. Dua asks him not to make her scared. Ruhan cooked up a story to scare her. He makes fun of her. Dua holds his ears for making fun of her. She says that he is like his brother. She asks him if he went to search for Devarani. He says that he can’t find a girl like her. He asks her to find a girl for him. She asks him how did he got hurt? He says that he tried to separate his friends who is fighting. He got hurt at that time. Dua asks him to apply oinment in it. Dua notices Gazal isn’t in her room. Dua says that she won’t leave her if she create a new drama? Dua calls everyone. Dua informs them that Gazal isn’t in the room. They are shocked to hear it. Kaynaat says that she may be ran away from there. Gulnaaz says that she stayed here because she forced her to stay here. She escaped from there at the right time. Hina says that her hands were tied. Then how did she escaped. Gazal wakes up and notices that she is locked in a dark room.

Episode end