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The episode starts with Gulnaaz badmouthing Dua. Haider asks her to stop. He decided to divorce her, not divorced her yet. He can’t allow them to treat her like that. Haider says to Dua that Hina and he committed mistakes. But what has Ruhan done to her? Why is he behind the bar? Haider tells her that he will definitely take him out of the jail. Dua says to him that she has no other option in her hand. She did it without an option. She can’t see him inside the jail either. Whatever is going between them is Gazal’s plan. She planned it all. She made a complaint against Hina. Gazal asks her how could she blame her for it? She is trying to frame her here. She won’t do something like that. She can’t even think about it. Dua asks her to stop her drama. She will reveal the truth to him at any cost. Dua says to him that Gazal is a cunning person. She tells him that she made a complaint against Hina. She tried to provoke Ruhan to kill him. Before she reveals the truth, Haider stops her. He tells her that she is lying. He says to her that Kaynaat isn’t her enemy. She is always by her side. She heard that Dua made a complaint. Why should she lie here? If she said that Kaynaat lied to them. She says that she isn’t lying. She called the police but. He isn’t allowing her to talk. Haider says that he asked her to withdraw the case but she admitted that she had made a complaint. The police arrest Hina and drag her out of the house in front of her eyes.

Haider says to Dua that she is lying. He tells her that Dua snatched his husband’s rights from her. He humiliated his love for her. He even proved his love for her. He was with her at her every hurdle. He doesn’t care about his pain. He couldn’t see the way she was hurting Hina. The police officer slapped her in front of his eyes. He saw the way they treated her badly. But he couldn’t do anything there. It shouldn’t have happened there. He says that Ruhan was pretty close to her. She framed Ruhan as a culprit in the anger at Haider. She punished him by taking revenge on Haider. She stoops low today by framing him. She is a selfish person. She ruined his family. Haider says to her that they made a mistake but he is innocent. She shouldn’t have done that. God won’t forgive her for it. He asks her to leave. It’s his final decision. Dua says to him that she did everything to save him. Gazal asks her to stop it. She lost everything. That is why she is creating another drama here. She said that he tried to kill him with a pistol but where was it? Gulnaaz says that she may have said that Ruhan wanted to kill Haider, that is why the police arrested him.

Dua says to Haider that Ruhan wants to kill him. It’s not a story. Haider asks her to stop it. She stoops low today. He shouldn’t have given the triple Talak to her. He wants to give her divorce in a rightful way. He wants to end the relationship with her. Gazal was happy to hear it. She is on cloud nine. Dua and Haider are going to separate. Dua says that he is saying it out of anger. She can understand it. It won’t happen. He can’t end the relationship like this. Dua and Haider’s relationship will never break off. She asks him to ask his heart if he wants to give her a divorce? He fists his hand. Dua says that he is mentioning his mom and family. It’s her family too. He can’t snatch everything from her. She asks him to say if he doesn’t love her? Haider tells her that he doesn’t love her. Dua is shocked to hear it. Dua says to him that everything may change but his love for her will not change. Dua and Haider’s love won’t change. She asks him to ask his heart whether he has feelings for her or not? She asks him to answer her. He refuses to. He asks her to sign the divorce papers. Gazal thinks that Dua and Haider’s love story has come to an end. Gazal and Haider’s love story begins now. Dua recalls her past and loses her balance. Hafeez holds her at that time.

Dua asks Kaynaat to convince Haider not to divorce her. She refuses to help her. She says that she won’t help her even after whatever happens. She is the reason for her state. Haider is trying to become a good son today, so she is with him. Dua asks Rahat to help her. She asks him if he considers her as his daughter, then convinces him. He refuses to help her. He says that she didn’t do her daughter-in-law duty. She says that she was trying to save their family. He doubted her. One day he will understand her situation. If he was in her place, then he would have taken the same decision. Haider asks her to take the decision asap. Dua stops him from leaving. Dua says that he wants to end this relationship. He promised to continue this relationship even after their death. He recalls their past. She makes him emotional. She says that Dua is not able to live without Haider. He could even live without her. This These papers are not able to separate them.

Episode end.