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The episode starts with Ibadat saying to Mannat that Farhaan isn’t a good person. Subhan says that she will regret for not trusting them. Farhaan signals to Mannat. Mannat says that they are threatening her. Her family members are forcing her to marry Subhan. Ibadat scolds her. The police threatens to arrest them. Mannat says that she is major. She eloped with Farhaan. She shows her certificate to him. She says that she can choose her life partner. She likes to stay with Farhaan. If he don’t help her then she doesn’t know what they will do with her. The police assures to her that he will help her. He says to Ibadat that they are major. They can take their decisions in their life. No one can force them. Subhan says that he isn’t forcing them. If she eloped from home with her knowledge. Then why did she steal the jewels.

Subhan complaints that she stoled their precious jewels. Mannat fears to get catch. Mannat says that they are lying. Subhan asks them to search the house. The police says that jewels isn’t here. Mannat thinks that Farhaan hide it somewhere else. He already stole the jewels. Mannat says that they are trying to trap her. Their intentions is to take her along with them. Mannat requests him to send them out the house. Ibadat says to her that Farhaan isn’t good person. She took the wrong decision. He will sell her. Farhaan complaints that she is accusing him for a cheap thing. He asks the police to arrest her. Ibadat says that she is ready. She asks Mannat to file a complaint against her. She denied it. Farhaan asks her to give a complaint. Ibadat lashes out at him. She stays adamant to take them to the police station along with her. Subhan says to Ibadat that it’s useless to make her understand.

Farhaan complaints that Ibadat lose her sense. Ibadat scolds him. She refuses to leave without Mannat. The police threatens Ibadat. She pleads with Mannat to go with her. Dua comes there. Mannat tried to hug her. Dua asks her to stay away from her. She is died for her. She cuts all her ties with her when she eloped from the home. She feels ashamed to give birth to Mannat. She feels ashamed to pray for Mannat. She feels ashamed to give a name to her as Mannat. She isn’t her daughter. She doesn’t even deserved to be a human being. Dua says to Ibadat that she warned her that she shouldn’t search for this cheap girl. What have she got in return? Mannat doesn’t care about her then why she is showing this much care to her? Dua says that she loved Mannat after Haider. She ruined everything. She curses Mannat there. She will live a miserable life. She can’t even show her face out. She will struggle a lot in her life and die. She will regret her decision. She curses her that she won’t be happy in her life. She broke her family’s heart. She broke her sister’s heart. She didn’t give heed to her mom’s pain. She will also face the betrayal. She asks her to die today. She doesn’t have any relationship with them. She says to Ibadat that she shouldn’t worry about Mannat hereafter. She says to the inspector that she doesn’t have any complaint. Let her struggle here. She asks Subhan to take Ibadat from here. They leaves from there. Mannat feels heartbroken. Ibadat feels dizzy. Subhan helps her. Dua notices Subhan’s care for her. Farhaan pretends like consoling Mannat. She asks him about the jewels. He lies to her that he didn’t see it. He confused her. She searched for the jewels in the house. He talked with her emotionally. She tells him that she can work and buy a jewl. She noticed the ring falls down from his pocket. She thinks that he said to her that he didn’t see the jewels then how did mom’s ring falls down from his pocket.

Episode end