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Episode starts with Dua finding about Haider’s past. She learns that how Gazal’s father has saved Haider’s life, but the latter isn’t aware of it as Rehmani had took a promise from Hina and Raahat about not telling it to Haider. Meanwhile, Dua gets emotional and states that it’s her duty to protect Gazal in order to repay her father. She determines to look after Gazal, whereas the latter gets attacked by the goon. He tries to choke her while she screams in pain. She gets a hold of a vase and throws it on him. She immediately runs inside her room and locks it.

Here, Gazal cries recalling all the trouble she is facing and misses her father. Meanwhile, Dua gets inside her room and becomes surprised seeing all the decorations. She gets mesmerised by the efforts done by Haider while the latter comes forward towards her. He apologises to her for ruining their special day.

Haider brings out the gift he brought for Dua and puts it inside her necklace. He expresses his love towards her and gets close. They gets romantic as he takes her towards the bed. He removes her jewelleries and starts kissing her. Meanwhile, it all turns out to be Dua’s imagination.

Elsewhere, Haider brings out Dua out of her hallucination and tells that all the surprise is done by Ruhaan. He proclaims that he have no interest in all this things and gives her the gift and ask to put it in her necklace herself. She gets teary eyes as he shows no feelings towards her. She stays quiet and accepts his gift while he goes to sleep.

Dua wishes to feel her husband’s love while at that time Gazal calls her. She gets worried seeing the latters number and was about to pick her call while Haider questions her about the phone. She notify him about Gazal’s call while he gets furious and prohibits her from picking it up. Whereas, Gazal gets troubled by the goons. She tries to prohibit them from getting inside her room.

Ahead, Gazal wishes Dua to receive her call but Haider cuts it. He lashes out at Dua for not hearing his command. He reminds her about all the troubles caused by Gazal and proclaims that he won’t let her get near his family anymore. Dua shows her concern towards Gazal and states that she must be in need. Haider denies her request and they both gets into an argument.

Haider looses his calm and mistakenly breaks the lamp. The glass piece flies towards Dua and her neck gets pierced. She screams in pain as the blood oozes out. Haider gets concerned for her and looks after her injury, while Gulnaaz passes by their room and smirks seeing the drama. She decides to create a havoc and lies to other family members about Haider beating Dua.

Further, Hina lashes out at Haider and questions his upbringing. She was about to slap him but Dua stops her and clarifies the matter. They all gets furious at Gulnaaz and Dadi rebukes her. Whereas, Gazal again gets attacked by the goon but somehow saves herself and beats the goon with her father’s stick. She sends the goon away and states that Iqbal won’t be able to scare her. She encourages herself to be strong, while Iqbal comes there with a knife.

The episode ends.