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The episode starts with Dua feeling guilty for talking against Haider. She feels emotional seeing him in pain. Haider thinks that he was the reason for her pain. He can’t see her like that. His destiny forced him to make him take this decision. He has no idea how to tackle it. Dua asks Haider to leave from there. He is giving touching time to her. Why is he sitting in front of her room? She notices that Haider is feeling cold. She covers him with a blanket. He holds her hand in sleep. She gets emotional and recalls their moments. She tried to caress his face but backed off, recalling his betrayal towards her. She adjusts the bedsheets and leaves from there. Next day, Gazal is sleeping peacefully. Dua splashes water on her face. She questions her what she is doing? Dua asks her why she is so careless? She went to their house. As a daughter-in-law of this house, she has to wake up early. She shouldn’t sleep this much. Everyone is waiting for her new daughter-in-law there. Meanwhile, Noor and Kaynaat are discussing what we should eat for breakfast. Dadi asks them where her hot water and medicine? Gulnaaz and Ravi ask them to give them a tea. Hina says to them that she used to her a tea in her room. No one placed tea in her room today.

She says that her head aches without drinking tea. She is surprised to see Dua drinking tea and reading the newspaper. Gulnaaz says to them that the dining table is empty. No one prepared breakfast, it seems. Dadi says that they will die hungry. Hina says that Dua is simply sitting there and sipping her tea without preparing anything for them. She asks her to prepare a tea for her if she has time. Dua tells her that she is reading an important column in the newspaper. She reads the prediction of her day. Gulnaaz and the others smiled after hearing that. Dua tells her that she is reminding her again she isn’t her daughter-in-law, then why should she do all this? Hina asks her if she doesn’t want to do any work here, she won’t get free food. If she isn’t considering Haider as her husband, then she can go back to her parents’ house. Haider asks Hina what she is saying? She can’t talk like that to Dua. Dua says to Haider that she doesn’t need anyone’s support here. She can stand on her own legs. She can give a reply to her. She says that she still cares for Hina. She advises her to eat almond daily for better memory power. She asks her if she forgot what she said to her? Her dad has equal rights in this house. Hina mocks at her. No one is able to argue with her. She even forgot to give hot water and medicine to Dadi.

Dadi asks her not to talk on behalf of her. She doesn’t need her help. She shouldn’t raise her voice against her child. She forgot that Dua used to prepare everyone’s favourite food and tea. She didn’t take a rest, even for one day. She has no right to question her. She says that Hina is also her daughter-in-law. She didn’t serve her like the way Dua did to her. She makes faces to give massage to her leg. She didn’t do anything for her, so she doesn’t have the right to complain about Dua. Hina says that she never expected her daughter-in-law to leave everything like that. Hina says that it’s not a big issue. Her new daughter-in-law, Gazal, is there. She will take care of this family instead of Dua. She is a talented person. She is able to prepare everyone’s favourite dish. Gazal spit the water in shock. Hina says that she is here. She has trust in her. She asks her to take care of this family hereafter. No one should mention Dua’s name. Everyone might praise her. Gazal recalls Dua’s words to her.

Gazal thinks that she doesn’t know how to prepare tea. How is she going to cook for everyone? Hina asks her to take care of this family. It’s her responsibility. Dua says to them that she feels tired. She needs a rest. She is going to take a rest. Her enemy is going to work. Haider says to Dua that she can leave her responsibility. But she shouldn’t ignore him. He can’t start a day without Dua’s handmade tea. She is important to him. He asks her to prepare a tea for him. Dua refuses to give it to him while recalling her warning. Dua says that it’s his wife’s duty to take care of him. Gazal says that she is right. It’s her duty to take care of her husband and this family. She held Haider’s hand. He pushes it away. She says that she is his wife. Haider tells her that she is his responsibility. But Dua is his love. He loves her and will only love her. He expresses his feelings for her. He says that if she doesn’t prepare tea for him, then he will quit drinking tea. He tasted the tea which was left by Dua. Hina said it to him. He tells her it’s his love for her. Gazal fumes in rage after hearing it.

Episode end