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The episode starts with a Dua saying to her family members that Ibadat is innocent. She didn’t do any mistakes. They are doing wrong. They don’t know what’s wrong and right. Subhan says that Ibadat is wrong here. Then why she is supporting her? Dua asks him to stop it. He crossed his limits. He claimed that he is her friend. He doesn’t know about her. He doesn’t know the meaning of friendship. He doesn’t deserve her friendship. He left her alone in a problem. He never asked her to explain the situation? He didn’t tried to understand the problem? Subhan says that he helped her. He lied to everyone that he was a delivery boy not her boyfriend. Dua asks him why did he mentioned that Farhaan is her boyfriend? If he see her with him? If he saw her hugging him or getting close with him? How could he mention him as her boyfriend? He accused her without an evidence. Subhan says that only boyfriend can come to meet her at a night time. Hina says that she is supporting her unnecessary. Dua says that they are not believing her yet. She brings the Quran there.

Dua says to them that Ibadat is innocent. she is pure like this Quaran. Those who accusing her, it means they are suspecting the Allah. Hameeda thinks that Dua knew the truth. Kaynaat says that she is supporting her daughter. If she is innocent then why did she go out of the house at a night time? Dua says that Ibadat won’t answer her for this question but someone else. Ibadat thinks who will answer her except her? Dua goes to Mannat’s room. Ibadat fears that she may knew the truth. She tries to stop Dua. Subhan thinks that Dua is supporting her. If Ibadat is innocent? Dua drags Mannat there. Dua asks Mannat to reveal the truth. Ibadat says that she is sick. Let her take a rest. She asks Ibadat to stay away from this matter. Dua asks Mannat to reveal the truth. Hina asks her why she is troubling her? She was discharged from the hospital.

Mannat is innocent. Dua says that she is a liar. She is troubling everyone. They are blaming Ibadat here. They are questioning her character and humiliating her. Who is Farhaan? Whose boyfriend is him? Ibadat asks her to leave her. She is not well. Dua threatens her to stay away. She won’t listen to her. She slaps Mannat in anger. Ibadat worries about Mannat. Hameeda asks her to stay away. She already hidden her small mistakes. That is why she did this mistake. Hina says that they are aware that Farhaan is Ibadat’s boyfriend. Dua demands Mannat to say the truth. She not only put herself in danger. She played with her sister’s dignity. She ruined her family reputation. Mannat stays quiet there. Dua asks her to swear on her or else she will see her death. Mannat stays quiet there. Dua says that she doesn’t care about her mom’s death. Kaynaat is right. She didn’t raised her daughter well. She isn’t ready to reveal the truth. Mannat hugs her from behind. She says that she is a best mom. She isn’t wrong. She is ready to reveal the truth.

Mannat says that Ibadat is innocent. She didn’t do any mistakes. Farhaan is her boyfriend. He came to meet her at a night. Ibadat isn’t wrong. She is innocent. She narrates to them what actually happened there. Subhan and Kaynaat are shocked to hear it. Subhan understands that Mannat refuses to marry him for Farhaan. Dua says that Farhaan drugged Mannat and tried to take advantage on her. Ibadat reached there and fought with the goons. She risked her life to save her dignity. She didn’t revealed it to anyone to save her sister’s dignity. She took all the blame on her. Subhan regrets for misunderstood Ibadat. She wasn’t wrong but he accused her. Dua says that she saw everything with her own eyes.

Episode end