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The episode starts with Haider saying to Gazal that Dua has crores in her hand. Then why should she steal 7 lakhs? Gazal is not aware of Dua. That is why she is blaming Dua. But how could Hina accuse her? She gave these jewels to Dua. She used to forget where she was keeping the things. That is why she gave this to her. Why is she doubting her? She shouldn’t question her like that? Hina says that she doesn’t trust her anymore. She may have some other intentions behind it. She considered Dua as her daughter. She doesn’t deserve to her daughter-in-law. Haider asks her to stop it. She shouldn’t bring up this topic again and again. Gazal says that Hina was right. It’s Dua’s plan. Because money was in her hand. Where is the money? Hina isn’t wrong here. Haider says that who gives the rights to her to ask about it all? It’s Dua’s money so she has all the rights to take it. Who is she to ask it? Hina is angry with her. That is why she is accusing Dua, but what has she done to Gazal to accuse her? He says that Dua is the owner of crores. She doesn’t need these lakhs. She is considering treating everyone as human. She wasn’t showing a little attitude to money. He is thanking god that she isn’t like Gazal. Dua gets emotional hearing it. Haider adds that Gazal’s thoughts and behaviour are very cheap. Hina and Gazal are shocked to hear it.

Haider says that Gazal considers money as everything. But Dua will donate money for others’ happiness. Gazal is able to break anyone’s heart because of her selfishness, but Dua doesn’t know it. She knows how to comfort everyone. Just because Dua kept this money safe, she can’t blame her for this theft. Gazal who fought for the money yesterday. It seems she stole the money. Gazal is shocked to hear it. Haider says that he won’t accuse her like that because he won’t stoop like her. He doesn’t have such a cheap mentality as Gazal. 7 lakhs is not a matter to Dua at all. But this money is important to Gazal because she has never seen a big amount in her life yet. That is why she framed Dua as a thief. He says that she fell low in his eyes. He regrets marrying her. Gazal is shocked to hear it. Dua and her family members were happy to hear it. Gazal asks him what he is saying? What’s her fault in it? Dua kept this money. Everyone would do the same in her place. Haider says that there has been no theft has happened in their house yet.

Dadi and Gulnaaz are cursing the thief. Gulnaaz says that there has been no theft happened in their house yet. Who stole the money? Why is it happening like that? Dadi says that Gazal is the reason. She stole the money. Hina asks them not to blame her daughter-in-law. Why should she steal the money? Gulnaaz asks her why she was silent when she was blaming Dua? Everyone is aware that Dua is not able to do it. Gulnaaz says that she is keeping Gazal on her head. Hina argues with her. Gulnaaz asks her to shout at her children, not her. She asks Gazal to say where the money is. Gazal asks them to stop it. She isn’t from a rich family, unlike others. She hasn’t such big amounts in her life yet. She has to prove her innocence now. She asks them to check her room. If they find the money in her room, then they can hand her over to the police station. Hina says that she shouldn’t prove her innocence like that. Gazal says that she has to do it. But why do they not suspect others?

Gulnaaz says that no one will steal the money other than her. Gulnaaz asks them to check Hafeez’s room too. Dua scolds her for suspecting her brother. Gazal says that they are daughters-in-law of this house. Dua says that he is her brother. He has a good family background, unlike Gazal. She is able to kill anyone for her selfishness, but Hafeez will give his life for others. Gazal says that she has to check his room after her. Dua asks them to do it. They knew about him from childhood days. Gulnaaz is excited about checking Gazal’s room. Hafeez is about to leave, Hina stops him. She says that he is trying to change the evidence. Dua asks her not to blame her brother. Ruhan thinks that he stole it. He had to change the money. Hafeez thinks that his relationship with Kaynaat will be out if they check his room. Haider thinks that he can’t steal money, then why is he looking nervous? Gazal says that they can’t find money in her room because she didn’t touch it. Dua says that she has faith in Hafeez. He won’t steal. Gazal thinks that his love story is going to be exposed today.

Episode end