By Smita Pal| Zee TV’s new show Rabb Se Hai Dua revolves around the lives of Dua and Haider. They both are devout followers of Islam but happen to have different perceptions of life. Dua is a kind and happy woman who loves her husband, while Haider is shown to use his authority as a husband to fulfil his selfish desires.

It stars Aditi Sharma and Karanvir Sharma in the lead roles. The show addresses the issue of polygamy from the perspective of an Indian Muslim wife and how she deals with it.

Main Characters:

Haider: Haider is a busiessman who respects his mother and remains aloof and angry with his father because he brought in a second wife. Though Haider loves his stepsiblings, He loves his wife and is shown to be quite respectful towards her.

Dua: Dua’s life revolves around her husband and his family. She is an educated, pretty, and confident girl. She doesn’t shy away from making her point clear to people. She gives a strong reply to her stepmother-in-law whenever she tries to insult her mother-in-law.


Aditi Sharma and Dua Haider Akhtar

Karanvir Sharma as Haider Rahaat Akhtar

Richa Rathore as Ghazal 

Sheela Sharma as Dadi

Sandeep Rajora as Rahaat Akhtar

Nishigandha Wad as Heena Rahaat Akhtar 


The show begins on Haider and Dua’s third anniversary. Each anniversary, Haider adds another diamond to Dua’s pendant to signify their years together. Dua is shown to be the perfect and ideal wife and daughter-in-law. She takes care of everyone’s needs and is happy in her life. Later on, it’s revealed that Haider doesn’t get along with his father, Rahaat, because he got married a second time and hurt his mother, Heena. Ruhaan, Haider’s half-brother, was left at their door as a 6-month-old baby when Haider was 10 years old. Haider’s mother decided to raise Ruhaan like her own son. Eventually, Rahat marries Ruhaan’s mother and brings her home, which creates a barrier in his relationship with Haider’s mother. Since then, Haider has despised his father and is bitter about Rahaat’s second relationship. Haider’s father tells him that Haider will understand him someday when Haider falls in love, which angers Haider even more. Ruhaan’s mother wishes that a “dusri aurat” (second woman) enters Dua and Haider’s relationship so that Heena’s pride in her son breaks. 

Our Take 

The show looks very promising from the start. The chemistry between Dua and Haider is pleasing to the eyes. All three leads shine in their portrayals. Zee TV made an admirable effort.The show can be expected to keep up the interest.

The story line is gripping. The first meeting between Haider and Gazal is bound to be exciting and explosive. Haider considers Gazal an illiterate and bad girl; how is he going to fall in love with her? The supporting cast is apt for their roles. The story is action-packed with intense drama. Viewers will surely connect with the show.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5