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Episode begins with Shakuni comes to meet Krishna and both of them settle down for a game of gamble and Shakuni is also trying to know exactly what is in the mind of Krishna. Kunti asks everyone if they are ready with their decisions and feedback for the assembly discussion. Arjun is still in a dilemma and he wants to have a conversation with his friend, Madhav.

Yudhisthir, Bheem, Nakul and Sahdev place to their mother that they are ready with their verdict but Arjun informs that he is still unsure about his call and to clear his mind you want to have a conversation with Krishna but he is nowhere to be seen. Duryodhan is about to kill a rabbit when Krishna comes there at the end moment and saves it. Duryodhan gets shocked to see Vasudev is present in front of him and asks him what are you doing here leaving the assembly of Hastinapur and his favourite Pandavas? Krishna says I am at the right place with the right person now.

Duryodhan says that I used to think you appreciate the.pandavas a lot but now it seems totally different. Krishna says to Duryodhan let’s go for a hunting session of a lion together.

Everybody gathered together in the assembly hall for discussion. All of them express their gratitude for the king and announced that to welcome property for the first time in the assembly discussion of Hastinapur I would like to ask her to sit at her throne before the king himself.

Draupadi expresses her respect and gratitude towards him for showing such modesty and generosity for her. Everybody settle down at the seats and the discussion started with Yudhishthir. he said that for the betterment of this state and the ultimate peace of all of us it will be better that we divide it into equal parts so that the sons of Pandu and Dhritarashtra can live together happily and peacefully.

Bheem on the other side suggested that it will be better if you let me and do your son fight and also Arjun and Karan fight with each other to examine who is better and let him rule the state. Everybody was asked about their opinions and all of them gives it one after another.

Almost everyone including Draupadi, Kunti, Nakul, Sahadev gives the verdict in the favour of the division of the state. At last Bhishma ask Arjun about his verdict over this matter and he is looking for Krishna around so that he can take his consent before going ahead.

Vasudev and other hand wishes Arjun to take the call himself without any help from anybody. He says this is the right time for you to speak up and ask for your right while Arjun is clueless and in a dilemma regarding his call. Shakuni thinks where is Krishna right now and fears that he might be making some strategy.

Precap – Karna says I am ready to go on a fight with Arjun.