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The episode begins with Krishna says to Arjun if it was about you alone then I will not speak about it. However, I have to speak for the sake of your brothers and Kunti, Draupadi. Krishna comes forward and says if the king Dhritarashtra himself thinks that Duryodhan is going to be the king of Hastinapur then it is fine. However I don’t agree to this because this will do injustice to Pandavas. He said that everybody assembly hall has given their consent for the division of the state.

In this situation if the the king himself takes a call to go against everybody and make Duryodhan the king of Hastinapur then I can guess everybody will get upset in some way or other and this is not going to be a positive start for a new king like Duryodhan. Krishna ask rudrastra would you like to have such a negative start for the your son as a king of Hastinapur? He says he doesn’t want that for his son and ask for a solution from Krishna himself. He says that when a person is going to be a train when he doesn’t deny for the first give away for people.

Duryodhan doesn’t understand what he should react to the situation but all the elder people who are present at the assembly hall ask him to say yes for this. He then says to all that first you have to say what you want from me then only I can decide whether I should be able to give it or not? Krishna says that as a king of the entire state you have to give the panda was at least one land separately e y he can be the king of that particular place and can live peacefully.

Duryodhan told them that I need some time to inspection the map of to allot land to this people so I will be back after doing that. He goes to check a land from the map but Shakuni gives him an idea to give and double in land where it is just impossible to live on. He says that we will give them a land where women cannot be alive, where people can’t get even a drop of water.

Duniya comes back and announced in front of all in the assembly that I am ready to give the land to the panda was but before that they have to promised me that in future they will never come back and asks for anything else in demand. Krishna saves the panda was I ready for this condition and he announced in front of all that I am ready to give them and Khandavprasth land and as a giveaway. Everyone protesting against this when do you say which people cannot move from your own words right now. Krishna says to Pandav as you people give your consent so now you have only two options either accept this or leave it.

Yudhishthir said that I am ready to take this land because this will put a black spot in the history of Hastinapur that they did injustice also that they did try to be fair even it is not a complete and genuine try from the state administrative side. Christmas festival Ram that I am extremely disappointed with Arjun and now he has to bear a lot of troubles and sufferings due to his own mistake. Shakuni says to Duryodhan that we must have win this round but there is still a chance for risk because Krishna is still with them and he can do anything. Hence we need to be so much cautious and keep our eyes open always.

Precap – Arjun promised Draupadi to build a palace for her.