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The episode begins with having a conversation with the king of Panchal, Dhrupad. He questions his decisions behind getting Draupadi married to the king of Kalinga. Krishna says more than a father I can see a King Lear who is thinking about his state and the wealth of his rather than the well being of his daughter. He says according to law and also as per the conscience it is Draupadi who has the actual right to choose her husband.

She should be the one who should decide about a life partner. He says you never evaluate Draupadi less than your son then what made you take such a decision keeping the wish and approval of your daughter at one side. He asks Dhrupad to answer fairly about the base of this call is nothing but the welfare of his state politically and economically rather than the happiness of Draupadi.

Dhrupad accepted his shortcomings as a father and confessed I had no alternate option in my hand. Always wanted to get my daughter Draupadi married to Arjun because he is the one who defeated me which nobody can. Unfortunately he died in the unfortunate incident of Lakshya grah. Krishna advised him to arrange for a swayamvar for Draupadi and give a challenge to all the warriors. A king can decline an invitation but a proper warrior can never decline a challenge hence all will definitely come and that’s the best thing you can do for your daughter by giving her option amongst the best warriors across the nation.

On the other hand, Ayaan is increasing the circumstances for Radha in a negative way to fulfill his agenda. Radha is in a dilemma about what to do regarding this. She wishes that Krishna can be here to give her some advice. She can feel that he is with her at that moment and both of them had a conversation. Krishna says to her to go with the flow and just by saying the relationship of us won’t go maligned at all. He asks Radha to give it a thought and then take the final call as per her wish.

Draupadi thanks Krishna for freeing her from this unwanted marriage and for this she will be indebted to him for lifetime. She says from today onwards you are my sakha, my friend for life. Krishna says I will be your friend that’s fine but will you be my friend also? That is something dependent on when you will do something for me as well. Draupadi listens to him smilingly and agrees to do what he asks for. Later Balram asks Krishna how will Duryodhan be present for the swayamvar? Krishna says he will because Gandhar king Shakuni will make him agree to appear for this because he has grudges against Bhisma and to avenge his revenge he can stoop to any low.

Precap – Shakuni makes Duryodhan agree to attend the swayamvar. Radha is in dilemma in the meeting among all.