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The episode begins with Indra appeared at khandavprastha for the protection of Takshak. Arjun is dedicated to get the jungle to build his palace. He says that Takshak is not a righteous person, defeating him will not make me an offender. “I am determined with my promise and for this if I have to two face Devraj Indra then I am ready for it”, quoted Arjun. He gets into a face off with Indra dev.

Kunti requests Krishna to stop Arjun from fighting with his divine father figure. Krishna says that this is just the beginning and he has to fight a lot of this type in the upcoming future. There will be situations in his life in future when he has to pick his weapon against his own people and family members and in that case he will need a lot of strength. If I stop him today then he will remain weak in front of his own members forever in life.

Arjun keeps on trying to win against Indra but none of his attacks are accomplished. Krishna says to Arjun that you need to let go of your anger and have to think from your mind and you will get a solution to your problem. Arjun understands that fire and water are two most powerful elements of nature and one cannot be pitted against the other. He thinks to stop Devraj Indra he needs to call Agni Dev. Arjun calls Agni Dev and dedicates his entire life and his existence to him in exchange of his appearance.

Agni Dev appeared in front of him and says that I am not someone who gets impressed by materialistic stuff that is being given in a form of sacrifice. If someone has only one bowl of stuff and gives me half of it then I get immensely impressed. Here you have sacrificed your entire life to me and I am immensely impressed with you. He says only one Adobe folder exist in this entire universe who can absorb all my power and fire inside it and that is Gandhiv.

He gives Gandhiv to Arjun as a present because he is impressed with his dedication and determination. Arjun gets Gandhiv and attacks on the jungle of Takshak and Takshak asks Indra to fulfill his promise and save his life. Indra asks Krishna to show him a middle way and he says you do what is suitable to you. Indra attacked Arjun with his Vajra while Arjun also counter attacks with Brahmastra.

Krishna understands that he needs to interfere right now and he asks Indra to keep aside his ego and not cause any sort of harm to this beautiful creation of Brahma. Indra asks Takshak to leave the forest right now as this way he will be able to save his life. He leaves but vows to take revenge against Arjun. interest was that I am so proud of you Arjun and today I am saying to you that you can build whatever you want in this place and for this I will personally instruct lord Vishwakarma to help you out.

Indra also says you get this place by defeating me hence this state of yours will be known as “Indraprasth” . Everyone gets happy to see this blessings of Indra.
Precap – Krishna leaves for Dwarka with Radha where his look-alike Paundrak is already present.