Star Plus’s recently launched title ‘Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do’ has been captivating the hearts of the audience with its intriguing storyline. and a stellar cast. Stepping in the shoes of a pivotal role in ‘Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do’ is none other than the talented hunk Rahil Azam, who is seen portraying the character of ‘Guru -Dev’ with an amiable and endearing personality.

Actors often have to undergo training for months in order to deliver a perfect sequence in their show. What molds the training process is when you are trained by someone close to you and who could be better than your co-actor himself turning a coach to you. Well, you have heard it right! While our charming actor Rahil Azam is known to put his best foot forward in order to ace his character and this time he has broken all bars to deliver yet another perfect scene. Donning the hat of a swimming coach, the popular star turned a swimming coach to none other than the kids of the show Yug (Jared Albert Savillie) and Iti (Hirva Trivedi) for an important aerial sequence in the show.

Talking about turning mentors to his young costars, Rahil Azam said, ” I have been very fond of Yug and Iti who I feel put in a lot of effort in order to deliver a flawless act, But what’s more interesting is that they sportingly take any challenges that come their way. Recently we were shooting a high-octane sequence where Iti to get drowned in deep river water and Yug enters as a Knight in shining armor to save her. Since this scene required perfect supervision required the kids to be comfortable with water and know swimming, I decided to turn a coach to them and train them for the same. It was really a great experience and I really hope all our hard- work pays off.”

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