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The episode starts with Sivagami comes to kitchen and says to Sandhya she don’t need to do any work here? For her qualification there is no work in this house. Ravi questions her what’s going on? Sivagami complaints that Sandhya understood Saravana and living with her happily but Saravana washing his cloth by himself. Saravana comes there and questions her whats her problem in it.

Sivagami says to him that he never done like this before then why did he behaving like this now? Saravana says to her clearly that Sandhya don’t know about it. Don’t blame her for everything then they will lose the peace in this house. Ravi questions him why is he talking like this to his mom? Sivagami says to him let him talk someone is making him talk like this. Saravana says to her that he has same respect on her. Saravana clears with her that he will take care of his works so don’t scold Sandhya for it. Sivagami talks with sarcasm that he is not allowing her to scold her. Sandhya says to her that she has no idea what’s going on here? Sivagami complaints that whatever she saying is mistake in this house.

Archana wishes to find out the truth. Ravi complaints to Sandhya that he is thinking them as understanding couple don’t betray him. Ravi starts a conversation with her. Sivagami complaints to him that her house changed. Nothing is going in its way. Ravi demands her to say the reason. Sivagami says to him that all taking their own decision and according to their wish. Ravi says to her that they are grown up so they must stop poking their head in their life.

Ravi says to Sivagami that she is thinking like this so mistake is hers. Sivagami asks him to wash his clothes by himself. Ravi complaints to her he don’t know to wash his clothes. Sivagami says to him that Saravana working hard in sweet stall and starts doing his works in home too. She was the one find everything for him but he is doing it all himself now. It’s her mistake she was the one searched Sandhya for him. She is torturing his son but he can’t able to share it out. Ravi asks her to stop over imagine they are happily together.

Sandhya wearing sarie Saravana enters insise room and apologies to her. She asks him to come inside both are blocking their way and falls down without balance. Both smiles each other. Saravana reminds the conversation of Sandhya and leaves from there disappointed. Sivagami complaints to Mayil that Parvathy is always checking her mobile. Sandhya comes there to question her how many glass rice she wanna cook today. She questions her doesn’t she know it yet? She informs to her its not usual rice but which gifted from village. Sivagami clears it to her. Sivgami asks Parvathy to learn house hold works and scolds her for not cutting bitter guard properly.

Sivagami complaints even she doesn’t know to cut vegetables properly what will she do in her husband house. Mayil mentions about Sumangali pooja and tells her she will find a person there. Parvathy questions her what’s that? Sivagami explains to her sumangali Pooja means married woman praying for her husband health and long lives. Unmarried girl will get married soon. Mayil shares to them that she gonna join in that pooja and says she need a husband like Saravana. Sandhya thinks that she is lucky to have him. Saravana thinks all are praising him but he is not lucky to live with her because of his qualification. Paaru wishes to propose Vicky. Sandhya gives shirt to him and says she ironed it for him.

Saravana doubts why is she acting strange. Saravana wears the shirt. She is keep noticing him through mirror and asks him to help her wearing her stead. Saravana thinks why is she behaving like this? Is she trying to create memories with him before leaving. Sandhya says to him that she is scared of pooja reasoning she fears to create problems in it. Saravana asks her to follow his mom’s word. Sandhya asks him to apply viboothi but he deny it. Sandhya applies it to him and rushes out smiling. Saravana thinks it’s hurting to see her behaving like this.

Episode end.