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The episode starts with Sandhya shards to Saravana how is ladies bearing everything and adjusting with family. If they start to react for everything then they can’t able to live in a family more then one month. Saravana says she is educated one doesn’t it hurt her to live with someone she don’t like? She says to him that he misunderstands her words. She meant Husband and wife should give up each other in everything. Saravana says to her she is not answering to his questions. Doesn’t they are marrying to live happily why should they leave the partner in the middle? Sandhya tells him she was talking about sharing a good life by adjusting each other. But he is talking about separation. He asks her to think carefully then she will understand it.

Sandhya says to him that she don’t understand him talking about. She is damn sure in one thing they shouldn’t give up their dream and passion for anything. They must try hard to achieve it. Saravana thinks that he knew well about her dream he will sign in the divorce paper the next second she is asking to him. He says to her that they can dream but don’t forget the place while building castle on the air. Sandhya thinks what happened to him today he is talking negatively with her. Saravana notices the old lady trying to cross the road. He helps her to cross it. Sandhya admires him. While doing Sandhya notices the road is broken. She fills the road with roads and places alert symbol. She loses her balance and about to fall down he holds her on time.

Romantic song plays at the background they shares an eye lock. Saravana feels emotional she sits in back side both starts leaving from there. They reaches to the courier office. Sandhya asks him to leave from there. Saravana says that he will help her to carry the parcel if it big in size. She says to him nothing to worry. She will take auto and reach home. She enquires to the manager about the courier. He informs to her she got two courier. She checks it and finds its damaged. She thinks let give it to others or else they will tease her.

Sandhya later thinks let’s ask suggestion to Saravana what to do? Archana is taking series and places it away. Senthil questions her what’s she doing? She lashes out at him for not listening to her problem and says to him she gonna give this sarie to Sivagami lying its her parents gift to her. Senthil says that they will find it out. she will manage all. He asks her to don’t drag him in any problem and leaves.

Archana notices Bhaskar there and thinks if someone see him here then Sivagami comes to know the truth. She will kick her out of the house. She asks the staff to hide. Bhaskar enters into her shop and says to her that she needs her help to persuade Parvathy. She tells him she is already committed. He says to her that he looks young then her so he is doubting her playing with him like she had boyfriend. Archana thinks that he is sharp. Archana says to him that she played like that because she don’t like him at all. She asks him to accept her sister Instead of going behind her. He asks her to give time to her. He leaves from there and sees Parvathy on the way.

Parvathy thinks that he is torturing her a lot. Because of him Vicky is angry on her and Sivagami misunderstood her. Bhaskar tries to persuade her but she lashes out at him. Sakkarai gives the food inspection cover to Saravana. He says to him its given by Sandhya. He misunderstands it as Divorce papers. Sandhya comes there and informs to him that sweets damaged. He tells her that his brother has no patience at all. He is taking decision in rush that’s why he arranged her marriage with him. He is not a suitable person to her at all. Sandhya leaves from there in tears. Sakkarai says to him that he is getting anger often Sandhya hurts by his words.

Episode end.