Raja Rani 2
Raja Rani 2

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Vijay TV fame” Raja Rani” launched it’s Season 2 with different plot. This show never failed to engage the audience with its gripping storyline. Earlier we saw that Sandhya reached to Ravi’s village. Now we will be see that Grandma will lashing out at Sandhya

In Today’s episode we see; Sandhya brings tea to Saravanan. Sandhya shares her happiness to Saravanan for going to attend the marriage function. Saravanan apologies to her for taking the decision alone. Saravanan thinks that his village peoples are very rough and tough. How will Sandhya going to face them? He fears that everyone going to create a big scene there. Ravi confronts Sivagami to know her intention behind taking Sandhya and Saravanan to village. Sivagami says to him that Sandhya is not a suitable person to Saravanan. She is going to teach a lesson to her. She will come to know what is in law’s torture from Ravi’s mother.
Archana reaches back to house. senthil and Parvathy welcomes her. She questions Sandhya where is she going? She informs to her that she is going to attend the wedding in Village. Archana smirks at her. Sivagami takes Sandhya and Saravanan to her village.

In upcoming episode we will be see that Grandma will question Sandhya, doesn’t she bank manager? how will she get time to attend the marriage function in her house. Sandhya will get confuse to hear it. Sandhya will question her who is bank manager? Sivagami will come there and make Sandhya Stand from her position. Sivagami will apologise her mother in law and introduces Sandhya to her. She will inform to her that Sandhya is Saravanan’s wife. Grandma will lashes out at Sivagami. She will complain that she didn’t teach anything to her daughter in law. She will insults her.

Will Sivagami understand Sandhya and change her opinion on her? When will Sandhya going to prove her innocence to them?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions. Stay tune with our space for more updates.