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The episode starts with Saravana is singing happily Sakkarai teases him and shares to him that he never saw him this much happy yet. Saravana informs to him that all. Problems are over now Sivagami accepted Sandhya. Sakkarai tells him that he needs cycle as treat. He nods to him. Mani and Janani there and enquires to him about his business matters. Mani thank Saravana for supporting Sandhya this much. Saravana informs to them that he didn’t done anything to her its Sandhya’s effort. She adjusts many things and stays calmly to reach here. Mani feels happy to hear it. Mani says to him that they will leave to America again.

Saravana assures to them that he will take care of Sandhya. Mani shares to him that he gonna buy a house here for a investment purpose. Saravana appreciates his thoughts. Janani and Mani leaves from there. Sivagami lost in her thoughts. Land line keeps ringing there she didn’t give heed to her. Sandhya wakes Sivagami and shares to her that phone is keep ringing. Sivagami tells her as nothing. Phone again rings Parvathy attends the call Bala talks with her in disturbing way. She disconnects the call.

Sivagami enquires to Parvathy who is on call why did she talked with that person angrily. Again phone rings Sivagami attends it now and informs to them that Senthil’s customer called to complaint about sarie. Parvathy uses that situation to escape from there. Sivagami complaints that Parvathy has no patience at all. Saravana thinks to buy a gift for Sandhya. He enters into the book stall and searches for a book to present Sandhya. He has no idea what to gift her. He finally chooses one book for her. Sandhya enters to backyard to dry the clothes.

Mayil hugs her happily and shares her happiness with her. She praises Sandhya’s good behaviours and down to earth personality. Sandhya feels happy to hear it. Mayil compares herself with Sandhya and adds that she would have questions her back. Sandhya tells her if she questions her then Sivagami will be hurt she will keep that in mind and shows it in anothers problem. Mayil praises her again and shares her happiness with her.

Sandhya says to Mayil that Sivagami was anger on her but rest all loved her and supported her. Sivagami is stitching the clothes there. Ravi comes there and sits with her. Saravana comes there with sweets and feeds to Sivagami. Sivagami questions him why is he trying to impress her with payasam. Saravana shared to her that he fears to go near her because of her anger. He craved to see his old mother. He is happy to see his mother smiling happily. Ravi complaints that he is only feeding to his mom but not to him.

Sivagami complaints that Ravi’s sugar will raise. Ravi questions Saravana Is he give it to Sandhya? He informs to her that Sivagami trusted him and accepted Sandhya that’s why he is giving it to her first. Ravi says that Sandhya is a good girl. Saravana teases Sandhya for unpacking the dress. Sandhya shares her happiness with Saravana and opens up with him. Saravana feeds Payasam to Sandhya. Saravana and Sandhya spends a quality times with each other. Saravana says proverb to her she praises him.

Episode end.