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The episode starts with Saravana notices Sandhya face is still looking dull. He doubts whom disappointed her? He starts a conversation with her to learn the truth. Sandhya is not giving heed to him. Saravana thinks that still she is angry no reaction from her. Mayil comes there to take clothes to wash. Saravana gives it to her. She leaves after taking the clothes Saravana follows her out. Archana thinks that nothing is going according to her plan. She never think Bhaskar will like Parvathy and tortures her. She wishes to deal with this problem. Parvathy curses Archana for creating problems to her unnecessary.

Archana comes there and questions her Is she cursing her inside? Parvathy asks Archana to stop Bhaskar from calling her. He is keep torturing her in phone call and meeting her outside. What if he calls her when she is absent here then mom will lashes out at her. She won’t stay quiet after that she will reveal the truth to her. Archana assures to her that she will stop him but she wanna do a favour to her. Parvathy questions her Is she trying to trap her again in this problem. She is already has no idea how to escape from this situation. Archana somehow convinces her. Sivagami reaches to home from market. She asks Mayil to bring water to her.

Sandhya gives the water to her. Sivagami complaints that everywhere is dust why didn’t Mayil clean it all. Ravi comes there and says his stomach is aching. Sandhya comes there and gets panic to see him. Sivagami lashes out at him for not controlling his mouth while eating food. Sandhya starts cleaning the table while reading the news paper. Ravi comes back again holding his stomach. Sivagami gives medicine to him. Sivagami asks Sandhya to bring tea to him. Sivagami questions him how is his pain now? Ravi tastes the tea and says that tea tasting good. Adhi comes there and complaints that his shirt is not ironed it. She asks Mayil to do it. Sivagami asks Archana to cook something for lunch. Sivgami lashes out at him and leaves.

Sandhya takes milk to prepare curd but Archana comes there and informs to her she already done it. She fears Sivagami will scold her. Sivagami comes there and enquires to them why are looks panic? Archana says it to her. Sivgami advises to Archana and Sandhya to be careful. Archana thinks that she is treating both equally today. Sivagami asks her to don’t cross the line. Archana searches for the line Sivagami scolds her. Sivagami comments that Sandhya don’t know cooking so Archana wanna cook daily and Sandhya will take care of house hold works. Archana shocks to hear it. Sivagami ordered Archana to clean the vessels but Sandhya helps her. Saravana comes there and questions her why is she cleaning it? Saravana says to her he will do it but Sandhya deny it.

Sivagami witness this and talks with them in sarcasm. Sivagami questions Sandhya doesn’t she ask Archana to do this work then why is she doing this all? Sivagami lashes out at them. Saravana shared to them that he got a big order. He needs Sandhya and Mayil help so she wanna appoint new servant to home. Sivagami feels happy to hear it and congeatulate her. Saravana excuses her and leaves. Sandhya follows him to help Sakkarai in sweet stall.

Episode end.