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The episode starts with Saravana reaches to workshop to change his bike wheel. Both mechanic and Saravana are discussing about the dull businesses. Two couples comes there and asks Saravana to buy a sarie for his wife. Mechanic says to them that he has own textile shop then why should he buy it. They convinces him and make him buy one sarie from them. Saravana reaches to sweet stall and questions her how was the sale?

Sakkarai informs to him that sale was amazing because Sandhya whom selled all the sweets today. She talked nicely with them and make them buy more sweets. Saravana praises Sandhya as brilliant. She can learn everything soon. Sakkarai adds that she know to teach well. He dislikes his english subject but he likes it now. Sakkarai tells him that Sandhya taught him English. Saravana asks him to learn everything from her. Sakkarai says to him that he can become collector if he learn from her. Sakkarai provokes him that she has something on him. Saravana says that he is confusing him.

Sandhya is working in her room. Divorce papers fall down. She about to take it but Saravana take it first. He questions her why is she arranging this sweet boxes? She says to him that she was free that’s why she wishes to help him. She asks him to check the box and tell her how is it? He praises it and appreciates her work. Sandhya tells him that she just done time pass there all credits goes to Saravana because his sweets are in super taste. He tells her its all experience.

Sandhya wishes to apologies to him but Sivagami comes there and informs to her that Anitha called her. Saravana thinks that manything happened here though she hides all feelings inside her and acting normal. Sivagami wanna understand her. Sandhya attends the call she questions her didn’t she signed in the divorce paper yet? She says to her that it’s her family. Anitha complaints that she forget her parents dream.

Anitha tells her that she placed divorce papers in her bag. Sandhya complaints that she didn’t notice it why did she poking her head in unnecessary things? If someone sees this then they will think she brought it here to get sign from Saravana. Anitha says that she thought she will check her bag and sign in it after checking the papers. Sandhya lashes out at her and goes to check her bag.

Saravana notices her panic face. He follows her and listens to Sandhya’s conversation with Anitha. He gets shock to hear about the divorce papers. Anitha apologies to her for taking decision in this matter without considering her feelings. Anitha tells her that she will bring civil service exam form there she wanna sign in it. Sandhya tells her that she needs Saravana permission to sign in it. If this come to true then she will be very happy. Saravana thinks that she is trying to get divorce from him. He was devastated after comes to know it. He thinks Sandhya is happy because she gonna get divorce from him. Sandhya apologies to him for behaving rude with him yesterday. Saravana stands there like statue and leaves from there without saying anything. Sandhya is keep calling him to take food but he leaves from there. Sandhya feels disappointed to see him. Mayil asks Sandhya to do the sumangali pooja tomorrow.

Episode end.