Rajan Shahi’s newly launched show Anupamaa is getting a lot of love from the audience. Anupamaa’s husband – Vanraj Shah – is being played by singer-actor Sudhanshu Pandey. Sudhanshu and Rajan Shahi have come a long way. Speaking about their association, Sudhanshu says,” I had decided long back that whenever I take up a daily show, it has to be from someone whom I can trust. The first and the foremost in the list was Rajan Shahi. He is a very good friend of mine. God has been kind that the offer came from Rajan. Because you know if Rajan Shahi has called you it has to be a strong and impactful character.”

Speaking about the new normalcy on sets, Sudhanshu says,”The new environment is something which we never dreamt of. But hats off to Rajan Shahi who has left no stone unturned. The way the production team is taking care of us is simply unbelievable. Cleaning every corner of the set, sanitising it, providing us with healthy drinks, warm water – we all feel secure.” Sudhanshu adds,”Rajan is a fantastic human being. We have known each other for two decades now. I have worked with him many years ago when Rajan was directing. He is extremely creative and sensitive when it comes to relationship dramas. He understands the nuances. We are friends and I love him as a brother. That should explain it all. To have three shows running simultaneously means a lot of hard work too” On being asked about the feedback for the show he says, ” The feedback is good. Audiences are loving the emotional content. Everyone is wanting to know what will happen in the coming episodes?