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Zee Tamil’s popular show Rajini, has a unique story line. This show is about Rajini’s selfless sacrifice for her family. The new series focuses on Rajini planning to unite Radhika and Aravind

In the recent episode we see; Rajini supports Esther when she feels lonely. Radhika fumes seeing Esther and Aravind’s pre-wedding rituals. Esther shares her grief with Rajini. Rajini requests Aravind to accept Radhika but he tells her that Radhika won’t change. She isn’t going to leave her anger on Rajini. Esther and Aravind sits together in the mandap.

Radhika reaches there and request Aravind not to marry her. Hema Latha gives a fitting reply to her. She requests Esther to leave Aravind for her baby’s sake. Esther turns down her request.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Radika will create a scene in the mandap. The groom will come there and sit beside Esther. Hema Latha will stop Radhika from creating a scene there. The groom will tie the knot with Esther. Radhika will regret her mistake and miss Aravind.

Radhika will try to commit suicide. Aravind will stop her. He will reveal his plan to her. Radhika and Aravind will unite again. Rajini will be happy to see them together.

What will happen next? Will Parthiban leave Rajini? When will Rajini take revenge on Radhika?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more updates