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The episode starts with Arjun saying to Rajjo that he was trying to talk with her but he couldn’t. When Amith went missing he decided to take her from there. Let’s leave from here. Rajjo asks him what he is thinking about? Has he decided to leave his house and family? He shouldn’t do that. Just ask her if he doesn’t know how hard it is to stay away from family? She left her family, house and friends and struggled a lot. Doesn’t he usually stay in this house? It’s hard for him to stay away from his family and house.

Arjun asks her not to bring those matters here. Let’s think about how to handle this situation. Rajjo tells her that she is Manorama’s daughter. She knows how to handle a situation. Rajjo tells her that she has to concentrate on her dreams. It’s impossible to fulfill her dreams if she stays here. Her life is also in danger here. He asks her what about Niharika? Arjun tells her that he doesn’t care about her, just that Rajjo matters to him. He asks her why she accompanied him? Isn’t she interested in going with him? She asks him not to think like a fool. He fails to think about his family’s state after they left. Pushkar and Niharika won’t leave our family. They will think that he left them for her. She advised him to think about our family. He tries to convince her. Arjun tells her to take Manorama with them. She says to him that she didn’t say to him that she would leave her. What about his family?

Arjun tells her that she isn’t wrong but he has no option in his hand. Rajjo adds to him, we have to fight in this situation. We shouldn’t have escaped from the situation without fighting for our love’s sake. It’s the only way to escape from this situation.

Arjun assures her to fight. He was selfish and forgot his family. He tells her let’s fight for our family together. He expressed his gratitude to her. Meanwhile, Kalindi asks Arjun to open the door. She fears that he may elope from the house. Chirag notices Swara crying. He inquires her why she is crying? She is about to reveal the truth to her but stops seeing Kalindi. Kalindi informs Chirag that Arjun is missing in his room.

Madhu fears the worst after hearing Arjun is missing. Chirag asks her to understand the situation. She slaps him. Arjun returned home. She inquired him did he went to meet Rajjo? She won’t allow her to enter this house. He said to her that he was about to leave this house, but he changed his mind not to leave his family. That is why he took time to return home. Rajjo hears this and leaves. Kalindi complained to Madhu that she shouldn’t have raised her hand to Chirag. He isn’t a child anymore. Madhu tells her that she was wrong, but she slaps him in anger. She was shocked when she heard Arjun was missing. She feels suspicious about his actions. He didn’t search for Rajjo and took her name in front of us. He usually does not stay away from Rajjo. She doubted his sudden change.

Something is going on here without our knowledge. She is aware of Rajjo’s behaviour. She won’t leave this matter easily. Arjun was angry with us. She asks Kalindi to keep an eye on Arjun. She asks her to take Arjun to Mandap. She doesn’t believe Chirag in this matter.

Kalindi says that he was sincere to Rajjo. Madhu tells her that Rajjo had a siblings relationship with him. He was ready to do anything for Rajjo. She asks her to keep an eye on Arjun. Kalindi asks Madhu to check Niharika to see whether she is ready or not. Meanwhile, Rajjo apologizes to Chirag for hiding the truth from him. Both Chirag and Rajjo are troubling Arjun. They bring his past deeds to tease him. Chirag advises them to proceed with the plan asap. Rajjo says to Chirag that they locked up Amit there but Niharika got to know about it. She shifted him from there. She trapped Swara in it. Rajjo says that Amith is here somewhere.

Niharika won’t allow him to go out. We have to find him asap. Chirag assures them to help them find Amith. Later, Madhu asks Niharika to get ready asap. She alerts her to be careful. Niharika looks at her in disbelief. Madhu tells her that she accepted her as her daughter-in-law. She is carrying her grandchild. Niharika says that she won’t believe her. She demands Madhu bring the groom to Mandap first. She asks her to send Swara to her room. Madhu was disappointed to hear it. She expresses her happiness to her.

Episode ends

Precap; Arjun and Rajjo will share their plan with Swara. Later, Arjun will follow Pushkar

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Rajjo 28th February 2023 Written Update: Rajjo and Arjun grow anxious when Amit goes missing