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The episode starts with Arjun lightening candles and waiting for Rajjo on their first date. Chirag and Kalindi go to Arjun and tease him. Meanwhile, Madhu and Pushkar are plotting against Rajjo. Madhu vows not to let Rajjo go close to Arjun. Pushkar laughs and says that Arjun is already close to Arjun. He says that Rajjo is cunning and she turned Niharika against him and soon she will turn everyone against Madhu. He says that Arjun asked him to apologize to Rajjo. He refuses to apologize to Rajjo and says that he wouldn’t spare the person who dared to ask him apologize to Rajjo if it wasn’t Arjun.

Madhu says that Arjun made her apologize to Rajjo too. However he still not talking with her properly. She says that Rajjo turned him against her. She refuses to forget her insult. Pushkar asks Madhu to return home and throw Manorama out of the house. Madhu says that he can’t as Arjun announced that he will take care of Manorama hereafter. She says thay she can’t throw her out now as Arjun won’t let it happen. Pushkar says that many accident happens in the city. He says that Rajjo loves her mom most and if Manorama dies in an accident, Rajjo will leave Arjun and go away.

Here, Rajjo goes to Manorama and that she’s excited for her first date. Manorama says that she’s happy for her. Rajjo asks Manorama why she’s cutting vegetables. She wants to help her. But Manorama refuses and asks her to get ready for her date. Swara and Siya arrive there and take Rajjo with her to get her ready. There, Pushkar asks Madhu to help her in his plan to kill Manorama. Madhu agrees to do anything to get her son back.

Madhu gives Manorama her phone and says that it was ringing. Manorama sees many missed calls of Nangu Kaka. She calls him back. Nangu Kaka cries and says to Manorama that he has something important to show her and asks her to come immediately. Manorama writes the address on a paper. Madhu watchea this hiding. She leaves hurriedly. She forgets her phone there. Madhu says that Manorama’s chapter will end. She takes the phone to dump it. As Jhilmil calls out to her. She drops the phone outside the dustbin and walks away. Elsewhere Nangu kaka is scared looking at Pushkar who is aiming a gun at him.

Arjun is hiding and waiting for Rajjo’s arrival. Rajjo arrives there and gets impressed with the arrangements made by Arjun for their date. She says that Arjun made lot of effort for their date, but she didn’t even check if she looks nice. She goes to ask her mom. Arjun sees this and thinks that maybe Rajjo went to get a surprise gift for him. Rajjo goes to the kitchen, searching for Manorama. She finds that she’s not here. She sees that she didn’t finish cutting vegetables. She wonders where Manorama has gone leaving her incomplete. She phones Manorama. She finds her phone lying on the floor. She goes to find Manorama.

Elsewhere, Manorama reaches the location She is shocked to find Nangu kaka standing near a river in which there is a crocodile with his hands tied. Suddenly two goons surround Manorama. The latter gets scared and asks them who they are. Nangu kaka cries and apologizes to Manorama. The latter walks backwards getting scared. She’s about to fall into the river. Pushkar holds her hand. Here, Rajjo grows worried about Manorama when she doesn’t find her in her room. Arjun goes to find Rajjo. Arjun finds Rajjo and asks why she didn’t come for their date. A worried Rajjo says that Manorama is missing and expresses her worry to Arjun. Arjun says that maybe Manorama went outside. Rajjo says that Manorama was happy about their date. She left her cooking work incomplete. She says that something is fishy.

Arjun says that she’s overthinking. Rajjo refuses to listen to him. She checks who called Manorama last and finds Nangu Kaka called her. She shows the same to Arjun. Arjun asks her to call him. Rajjo calls him and finds his phone switched off. Rajjo grows anxious about Manorama and walks forth and back. Arjun asks Rajjo what she’s doing. Rajjo says that he can’t understand her as it’s not his mom is missing. She says that she can feel when her mom is in danger and something is fishy. She pours turmeric on the paper and finds the letters mark. She reads it and learns that Manorama went to a river side where there are lot of crocodiles. There, Pushkar is about to throw Manorama into the river.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo asks Madhu about Manorama. Arjun says to Rajjo that Manorama will be fine. Rajjo says to Arjun that he won’t say the same if his mom is missing. Later, Rajjo returns home and says that someone attacked Nangu Kaka. She says that Madhu knows about the attackers. She calls the police inside. Arjun and Thakurs are shocked to see the police

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