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The episode starts with Arjun growing anxious as there are only 15 minutes left before the wedding ritual begins. Rajjo gets into Arjun’s room through the window. Arjun helps her. Rajjo reassures Arjun by saying they have Amit, so Niharika can’t do anything. She adds that even if something goes wrong, she will always stand by his side and protect him. Arjun asks Rajjo to make him wear the pagdi. Rajjo refuses. Arjun pretends to call Niharika to make him wear the pagdi then. Rajjo gets jealous and warns him not to let Niharika near him. She makes him wear the pagdi. Madhu calls out Arjun downstairs. Rajjo assures Arjun that their love will win.

Arjun and the Thakurs wait for Niharika. Arjun whispers to Rajjo to take Amit downstairs. Rajjo is about to go upstairs. Madhu stops her. Just then, Pushkar, Jhilmil and Kalindi take Niharika downstairs. Jhilmil complains about Niharika’s mom not attending her wedding. Kalindi says that mom has strictly said to either keep the ties with her or with Pushkar. Niharika asks them to stop talking about this now. Kalindi asks Rajjo to get the garlands. She obliges.

Niharika notices Swara going upstairs and wonders where she is going. She goes after Swara. Swara goes to Amit. Niharika arrives there and is shocked to see Amit there. Niharika understands Rajjo’s plan. Later, she turns off the lights. Swara searches for Amit in the darkness. The Thakurs wonder what happened to the lights. Kalindi notifies Pushkar that Niharika isn’t there. Pushkar goes upstairs to check. Arjun and Rajjo grow anxious as Swara hasn’t brought Amit yet. Rajjo goes to check. Niharika arrives there and innocently asks why the lights went off.

Rajjo goes to the room where they hid Amit. She is shocked to find blood drops on the floor. She turns on the lights. She asks a scared Swara what happened. Swara says that Amit was missing and found blood drops when she got there. She didn’t do anything. Rajjo assures Swara that she trusts her. Rajjo sends Swara downstairs to clean blood stains from her hands and goes to the family. Rajjo wonders where Amit has gone and prays to God to help her.

Kalindi urges Niharika to say where she has gone when the lights went off and what is bothering her. Niharika refuses to confide in her. Just then, Swara arrives at that side. She sees Kalindi and Niharika talking and hides. Niharika makes an excuse and walks away. Arjun is shocked to learn that Amit is missing. He gets worried about Rajjo.

Rajjo assures him that she’s fine. Arjun wants to call the police. But Rajjo tries to stop him as they don’t know what happened to Amit yet and adds that the family won’t believe them if they say Amit is Niharika’s baby’s father without any evidence. Rajjo wants to go to find Amit. But Arjun refuses to risk her life and is determined to call the police.

On the other hand, Niharika grows anxious recalling what happened. A FB shows. Niharika hits Amit with a rod. She pours fake blood on the floor and drags the unconscious Amit from there. Swara is shocked to see the fake blood. Niharika wonders what to do with Amit and whose help to take. She thinks of getting Pushkar’s help. Just then, Kalindi arrives. She asks Niharika to tell her what’s bothering her. Niharika sends Kalindi to check on Arjun.

Rajjo prevents Arjun from calling the police. She says that the police will arrest them if they call them without any evidence. Arjun wonders then how to find Amit. Rajjo says that Niharika must have learned about Amit and made him disappear when the lights went off for a few minutes. She is sure that Niharika must have hidden him somewhere inside the house. She asks Arjun to start to perform the wedding rituals while she goes to find Amit. Arjun refuses. Arjun gets out of the house with Rajjo from the balcony. Arjun suggests Rajjo eloping.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo says to Arjun that he can’t stay away from his family. Rajjo fails to find Amit and says the same to Arjun. Pushkar approaches Amit with a gun in his hand. Later, Pushkar says to Niharika the work is done. Rajjo says that she has to find Amit before Niharika and Arjun perform the wedding promise ritual. Chirag brings the groom, whose face is covered, downstairs.

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