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The episode starts with Arjun and Rajjo learning that Manorama has gone to Magarthal where there are a lot of crocodiles. They leave to find Rajjo. On their way, they come across Madhu. Rajjo asks Madhu if she saw Manorama going out. Madhu lies no. Rajjo asks her to inform them if Manorama returns home. They leave. Madhu hopes that Pushkar will get rid of Manorama.

There, Pushkar grabs Manorama’s neck from behind tightly and says to her, showing the crocodiles in the lake, that she will be dead before Rajjo and the family realize that she is missing. He says that her life will end while Rajjo’s life begins. He closes her mouth. Rajjo and Arjun get there. Rajjo tries to rush near the lake, but Arjun stops her. Pushkar throws Manorama into the lake. Pushkar and his men hide on seeing Rajjo and Arjun. They leave from there. Arjun says to Rajjo that it’s written on the board that this place is dangerous and it’s not allowed to trespass here. He says that the handwriting may not be her mom’s. Rajjo is certain that it’s her mom’s handwriting and Manorama has come here to meet someone. Arjun tries to calm Rajjo down and says that he can understand her. Rajjo gets furious and shouts at Arjun. She says that Arjun has a big family while she has only her mom. She says that there’s a huge difference between him and her as his family shares the burden while her mom takes it alone. Arjun also gets angry. He shouts, saying that Manorama is also his mom and he cares for her. Rajjo phones Nangu Kaka.

Meanwhile, Chirag and Kalindi don’t find Rajjo and Arjun in their room, so they are wondering where they have gone. Sia and Swara tell them that Rajjo and Arjun went to Magarthal to find Manorama. Swara explains to them what happened. Kalindi wonders why she has gone there. Chirag hopes that Manorama isn’t in any problem. Here, Rajjo asks Nangu Kaka where Manorama is. Pushkar is aiming a gun at Nangu and threatens him. Nangu lies that Manorama has gone to the village as Vishwa and his wife died in an accident and their children become orphans. He says that Manorama used to take care of their children, so she left for the village as soon as she learned this. Rajjo also wants to go to the village. But Nangu Kaka says that it’s snowing in the hills and the roads might be blocked. He assures her that Manorama will be reached by now. But Rajjo grows suspicious and asks why Manorama would leave her phone at home if she went to the village and asks why she would leave without telling her. Nangu Kaka says that Manorama would have wanted to disturb her as she’s the daughter-in-law of a big family now. Rajjo asks Nangu Kaka if he met Manorama in Magarthal. Nangu Kaka denies and hangs up the call. Rajjo isn’t convinced and wonders why Manorama would write Magarthal’s name if she didn’t come there. Just then, Rajjo sees Manorama’s duppata floating on the lake. She goes to the lake and picks it up despite Arjun trying to stop her.

Pushkar phones Madhu and says that he got rid of Manorama. Madhu is scared that she might spill something in front of Rajo if she learns how Pushkar killed Manorama. She refuses to listen to him. Pushkar says that they have done this together, so she has to listen. He says that he threw Manorama into the lake of Magarthal. Madhu says Magarthal. Sia arrives there and hears this. Madhu and Pushkar are shocked to hear Sia. Pushkar hangs the call. Sia asks Madhu why she’s talking about Magarthal and why she looks scared. Madhu lies that she was on call with her friend and planning a trip. She sends Sia from there.

Here, the police team searches for Manorama in the lake with the machine’s help. Arjun stops Rajjo when she tries to jump into the lake to find Manorama. The inspector also scolds Rajjo as the lake is filled with crocodiles and humans can’t enter it, but only machines. He asks Arjun to take Rajjo from there. Arjun says to Rajjo that Manorama isn’t there. Rajjo shows Manorama’s duppata and asks what it’s doing there then. After a lot of effort, Arjun calms Rajjo down and takes her from there.

Rajjo is trying to call someone in the village to know if her mom is there. Chirag tries to reassure her. Madhu phones Pushkar and says that Rajjo got Manorama’s duppata from the lake, shocking Pushkar. Manorama asks Pushkar to kill Rajjo too, before she finds out the truth.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo asks Madhu about Manorama. Arjun says to Rajjo that Manorama will be fine. Rajjo says to Arjun that he won’t say the same if his mom is missing. Later, Rajjo returns home and says that someone attacked Nangu Kaka. She says that Madhu knows about the attackers. She calls the police inside. Arjun and Thakurs are shocked to see the police.

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