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The episode starts with Rajjo refusing to Arjun to put her phone on charge as her mom or Nangu Kaka can phone her. Just then Madhu arrives there and reminds her that Nangu Kaka told her that Manorama left for the village. She asks Rajjo why she’s worrying about Manorama then. She says that the whole family is still awake because of her. She fakes concern for Rajjo and offers Rajjo and Arjun the offering of the puja she she organised in the temple. She reminds Rajjo got married and asks her to stop acting child. She asks Rajjo to take care of the family instead of keeping them awake. She says to Rajjo to look at her condition. She says that Manorama won’t return if they don’t sleep and eat. She orders them to go and sleep. As Rajjo doesn’t move, she asks Arjun and Chirag to go to their room to rest. Arjun convinces Rajjo to rest and take her from there.

Rajjo holds her mom’s dupatta and recalls her moments with her. She hugsher mom’s duppata. She falls asleep in a half sitting position. Rajjo is about to fall down in the sleep. Arjun holds Rajjo and makes her lay down properly. He sits next to her, caring for her. Rajjo wakes up startled. She sees Arjun sleeping in the sitting position next to him. Arjun’s phone rings. Arjun wakes up and receives it. The inspector says that they have searched in the Magarthal Lake and didn’t find Manorama.

Rajjo wonders if Manorama hasn’t gone there, then how her duppata landed there. Arjun says that it could be someone’s duppata. He says that he asked the police to search that whole area on her request. He says that maybe she’s thinking negativity due to her fear. Rajjo thinks that this is her mom’s duppata and wonders how to make Arjun believe this. Arjun asks Rajjo to get ready and meet him in the breakfast table. He leaves.

Later, Rajjo grows suspicious and phones Nangu Kaka. She finds his phone unreachable. She recalls Nangu Kaka’s words that Manorama left for the village in the bus. She phones Golu who is the bus driver of their village. She asks Golu if Manorama boarded his bus last night. Golu says no. Rajjo asks if there’s any other bus to their village. Golu says that only his bus goes to Lucknow and he drives it and he would have known if Manorama boarded his bus which shocks Rajjo.

Rajjo wonders where Manorama has gone then. Sia goes to Rajjo and reassures her that Manorama will soon return to her as she prayed to God. Sia tells Rajjo about Madhu was scared and was talking to someone about Magarthal last night Rajjo wonders how Madhu knows about Magarthal when she or Arjun didn’t tell her about that place before leaving.

Thakurs are having breakfast. Rajjo arrives there and asks Madhu if she knows about Manorama’s whereabouts. Madhu says no. Rajjo asks then with whom she was talking about Magarthal last night She says that she and Arjun didn’t tell her about Magarthal then how she knows about it. Jhilmil asks why Madhu would go somewhere to talk about Magarthal with someone. Rajjo says that Madhu was talking over phone with someone about Magarthal and was scared. Sia saw this. Rajjo begs Madhu to tell her if she knows anything about Manorama. Madhu says that she killed Manorama and threw her into the river shocking everyone. Madhu says that this is what Rajjo wants her to say. Madhu says that Rajjo is accusing her of a murderer. She says that Sia is a child and might have any misunderstanding. She refuses to talk about Magarthal to anyone last night. Rajjo refuses to believe Madhu as Sia can’t know Magarthal’s name. She holds Madhu’s hand and urges her to tell where her mom is. Arjun seperates Rajjo from Madhu and assures her that Manorama might be fine.

Rajjo refuses to accept it. She says that she has been sensing that something bad happened to Manorama from the moment she read the letter in the kitchen. She says that even her duppata that they found proves the same. Arjun has enough and says that many could have same type of duppata. Rajjo says that Arjun or anyone in the family can’t understand her. She says that she told about calling the bus conductor and he said that Manorama didn’t board his bus. Arjun says that Manorama could have reached the village in any private bus or taxi. He says that Rajjo is overacting, Manorama might be fine.

Rajjo says that he is saying as her mom has its about her mom and not his mom which angers Arjun. He says that he never differentiated between her mom and his mom. Rajjo says that she understands that he also worried about Manorama, but she’s certain that her mom didn’t vanish like that. She reminds of Madhu’s misdeeds getting influenced by Guruma. She asks why they didn’t let her question Madhu. Madhu puts on an emotional act. She says that she’s worried to see Rajjo worried and called a priests to organize a puja for Manorama’s safety. Just then, two priests arrive there.

Later, Rajjo regrets doubting Madhu and goes to her room to apologize to her. As she doesn’t find Madhu in her room. She goes to find her. She spots Madhu talking with a man in the storeroom about Magarthal and is shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo gets police to arrest Manorama which shocks Arjun and the family. Rajjo says that only Madhu knows that she’s going to meet Nangu Kaka. Arjun and Rajjo have a heated argument. Rajjo says that Arjun can’t keep the relationship when he can’t trust her.

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