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The episode starts with Arjun saying to Rajjo that she must haven’t wanted to go on honeymoon with him after Manoroma told her what will happen in the honeymoon, but she’s compelled to go on honeymoon as she already agreed to it in front of all. He asks Rajjo to take it as a vacation trip. Rajjo becomes excited when Arjun says that he has a surprise for her. Rajjo asks Arjun what the surprise is. She tries to provoke him to make him spill what his surprise is. Arjun understands this and refuses to fall in her trap. She becomes happy when Arjun calls her as his wife and wonders why she’s getting excited when she’s obviously his wife.

On the other hand, Kalindi says to Chirag about Rocky torturing her by calling her repeatedly. Chirag becomes angry and drives the car ruthlessly. Kalindi requests Chirag to stop the car. Chirag obliges. Chirag asks Kalindi why she didn’t tell him about it earlier. Kalindi says that she was scared that Chirag would start to consume alcohol again after hearing this. Chirag thanks Kalindi flr caring about it. He asks if Rocky was out of their house when she went aside before they start their honeymoon trip. Kalindi nods yes. Chirag angrily gets out of the car. Kalindi also does the same.

Kalindi explains to Chirag that Rocky came to their house when she refused to receive his calls. Kalindi says that she doesn’t want to hide anything from him, so she’s telling him this. Chirag says that he knows and decides to find a permanent solution for Rocky after their honeymoon trip. Kalindi is scared of Rocky as he was acting weird. She is frightened that Rocky will reach the form house as he saw them leaving and he knows his dad’s form’s address. Chirag hugs Kalindi and reassures her. Kalindi says to Chirag that she doesn’t want to keep any ties with Rocky. Chirag asks Kalindi not to worry and assures to protect her from Rocky. He promises to never let Kalindi alone. He hugs her. Rocky watches this from far. He follows them on bike.

Arjun-Rajjo qnd Chirag-Kalindi reach the farm house. They are surprised to see Niharika in the farm house. Niharika welcomes them by giving a rose. Niharika says that Arjun has called her here so that Rajjo’s practice doesn’t get interrupted. She says that Arjun wants Rajjo get admission in the academy somehow. She further says that Arjun loves Rajjo so much. Arjun coughs. He says that it’s called care. Rajjo becomes elated by Arjun’s surprise and they’re about to hug each. But they both stop themselves. They scold each other in their heads. Niharika tells Rajjo her schedule. Chirag takes Arjun apart to talk.

Chirag scolds Arjun for calling Niharika when he wants to spend time alone with Rajjo. Arjun asks Chirag to see how happy Rajjo is. He says that it’s just a vacation and not honeymoon for Rajjo, so to keep on her practicing, he has called Niharika. He further says that Rajjo doesn’t want to spend time alone with him. Chirag advises Arjun to confess Rajjo about his feelings for her. Arjun says that Rajjo clearly said that only her mom and her running are her priorities. He says that he doesn’t have problem with it. He says that Rajjo did so much to him and his family, so he can do this to Rajjo.

Chirag prays to God to make things fine between Arjun and Rajjo. Chirag sees a scared Kalindi closing the window screens. He goes to Kalindi. Chirag reassures Kalindi saying that no one can enter inside as cods is needed to enter and only Arjun and him knew it. Rocky is watching them standing outside and thinks of finding a new way to reach Kalindi.

Chirag sings a song while playing guitar. Arjun, Rajjo, Kalindi and Niharika enjoy it. Kalindi wants to make sure the windows and doors are closed. Chirag intertwines his fingers with Kalindi and asks her not to be scared. Niharika teases Chirag when he says that he can’t play guitar as he is tired. Meanwhile Rocky tries to open the window to enter in. Chirag plays the song Nashe Si Chadh Gayi. Niharika dances. She drags Arjun to dance. Later she drags Rajjo to dance and sits. Arjun and Rajjo dance and grows closer without realizing. Chirag, Niharika and Kalindi claps and bring them to reality. Niharika teases Arjun and Rajjo to go to their room. They feel shy and leave. Rocky is trying to open the window. Rajjo hears a noise and turns around to see. Rocky hides. Rajjo leaves. Rocky tries again to open the window.

In Thakur’s house, Manorama wants to go out and wonders where Rocky is as he arranges the drivers. Jhilmil says that she will get drivers from Pushkar’s house and asks Madhu where she wants to go. Madhu says that she wants to go the farm house. Jhilmil is confused and asks what she wants to interrupt their honeymoon. Madhu asks her to shut up. In the farm house, Rajjo helps Arjun to wear his shirt when his head is stuck into it. Rajjo apologizes to Arjun for being excited without knowing the meaning of honeymoon. She says that they don’t know the future of their relationship. She says that they have to part ways in the future. Arjun agrees with her and says that he wishes Rajjo to get successful even if they part ways.

The episode ends

Precap: Rajjo is about to confess her love to Arjun. Arjun says that he wants to go away. Later Rajjo is shocked when Madhu reveals that Rajjo will die after consummating her marriage with Arjun and Arjun also knows about this secret. Rajjo vows to expose their betrayal in front of everyone.

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