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The episode starts with Rocky sneaking into the Thakurs’ house when Rajjo opens the door to collect the food parcels. Thakurs are gathered outside the house to play cricket. Kalindi goes inside the house to change her clothes. Naman says a game to select the captains. Rajjo and Arjun win it and become captains. Rajjo and Arjun select their teams. Niharika is in Arjun’s team and Chirag is in Rajjo’s team. 

On the other hand, Kalindi gets ready to play cricket. She opens the door to leave. She is shocked to find Rocky in front of her. Here, Rajjo and Arjun finish selecting the team. Rajjo team won the toss and asks Arjun’s team to bat first. The match starts. The Thakurs are busy playing cricket. There, Rocky forcibly pins Kalindi to the wall. He threatens Kalindi to kill. He says to Kalindi that he isn’t a toy, so that she can use him and throw him away. He says that he has come to Thakurs Nivas to earn money and make his career, but his dream got ruined because of her. Kalindi cries and begs Rocky to let go of her. Rocky refuses. Kalindi shouts for help. Rocky pushes Kalindi down. Kalindi shouts Chirag. Rajjo hears the scream and wonders if someone has screamed. 

Kalindi’s elbow starts to bleed. She begs Rocky to leave her as she already told him her decision. Rocky says that he should decide what to do with her. Kalindi threatens Rocky to call the police. Rocky laughs like mad. He takes a knife and stabs Kalindi. Thakurs hear Kalindi’s scream and rush inside the house. Chirag and Rajjo are shocked to see Kalindi lying in a pool of blood. Chirag tries to remove the knife from Kalindi’s stomach. Rajjo asks him not to remove it as bleeding can increase. Thakurs also arrive there and are shocked to see Kalindi’s condition. Chirag asks Arjun to phone the doctor. Arjun obliges. Rajjo asks Kalindi who stabbed her. Kalindi points out Rocky, which shocks Thakurs. Rocky escapes through the window. Chirag shouts at Rajjo for failing to fulfill to keep Rocky away from Kalindi. Heasks Rajjo to run and catch Rocky. Rajjo and Arjun run after Rocky. 

Here, the doctor has treated Kalindi and assures Chirag that she’s fine now. He leaves. Madhu asks Chirag why Rocky stabbed Kalindi, who is his sister-in-law, and what he blamed Rajjo for. There, Rajjo and Arjun catch Rocky. They bring Rocky home. A furious Chirag starts to beat Rocky. The family stops Rocky. Chirag threatens to kill Rocky. Madhu asks Chirag what happened, why he wants to kill his brother. Arjun also asks what the  matter is. Chirag refuses to tell them and requests them not to question him. He asks to get Rocky arrested for trying to kill Kalindi. Rocky says that he will tell the truth. He says that he and Kalindi are in a secret relationship and Chirag knows about it. Thakurs and Niharika are shocked to hear this. Rocky adds that Chirag and Rajjo caught Kalindi and him red-handed. Just then, Pushkar arrives there and asks where Kalindi is. Thakurs say that she’s upstairs. Pushkar goes to see Kalindi. The latter is unconscious. He asks who is responsible for Kalindi’s condition. Swara says Rocky. 

An enraged Pushkar tries to hit Rocky. Arjun stops him. Pushkar demands Manorama to say what punishment she’s going to give Rocky. Manorama says that both Kalindi and Rocky should be punished as both have stained their reputation. She accuses Kalindi. Rajjo intervenes and asks Madhu not to blame Kalindi, who isn’t present here, to give any justification. Madhu demands Rajjo an answer since she knows the truth. Chirag says that Rajjo was just a witness of their problem and she only helped them. Rajjo requests Madhu to listen to Kalindi before coming to any conclusion. 

The episode ends. 

Precap:  Arjun and Rajjo have a romantic moment. The landline phone rings. Arjun receives the call. Arjun is shattered to know that Arjun should get closer to Rajjo to escape from life threat. Arjun says to Rajjo that there’s nothing between them and they’re not made for each other. Rajjo gets teary eyes after hearing this. 

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