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The episode starts with the inspector telling Arjun that Vicky is a smuggler who sells girls to foreign countries. Arjun is shocked to hear this. He recalls Manorama and Rajjo’s words. He sits in the car to rush to save Rajjo from Vicky. Arjun answers Chirag’s phone call. Madhu speaks to Arjun and says that Guruma said that Arjun and Urvashi’s wedding should take place at 10’o clock and adds only three hours are left for that. Arjun swears on Madhu to reach home in time and marry Urvashi, but requests him not ask him any questions. Madhu agrees and hangs the call as she’s confident that he won’t break his swear.

Meanwhile, Manorama helps Rajjo to get ready for her wedding. She says that she talked to Vicky about the incident of last night. She says that Vicky was ashamed and apologized. He assured her not to do it again. Manorama asks Rajjo to forget about it. Rajjo asks Manorama if Arjun had come last night. Manorama lies no. She apologizes to Manorama for mentioning Arjun’s name. Meanwhile, Arjun and the police are on their way. Arjun calls Rajjo, but he isn’t able to connect with her.

Manorama advises Rajjo about making any decision after her wedding. She says to follow her heart to take any decision as she continues to run despite her disapproval, following her heart. Manorama further says that she wishes to see her married and adds that after marriage her life will change. She leaves, asking Rajjo to rest.

On the other hand, Thakurs are busy with wedding preparations. Pushkar calls Vicky to know the status of their plan, but he isn’t able to connect him. He wonders where he has gone. Sis asks Puskar if they can’t change Arjun’s bride, as Urvashi is always busy on her phone and doesn’t love her. She says that even her parents don’t love her, and don’t give her any hugs or kisses. Pushkar hugs Sia. He assures Sia that Urvashi gives her a lot of love.

Rajjo is happy when she receives Arjun’s call and answers it immediately. Arjun says to Rajjo not to marry Vicky as he is a criminal. Due to poor network, Rajjo isn’t able to hear Arjun. Meanwhile, Urvashi is scared that Arjun will leave her for Rajjo. She cries hugging her. Urvashi’s mom pacifies her.

Pushkar phones the inspector on the pretext of knowing if they have arrested the criminal, Vicky. The inspector says that they’re on the way to arrest him and adds that Arjun is taking them to his place. Pushkar phones Vicky and alerts him about Arjun coming there with the police team. He urges Vicky to marry Rajjo soon and leave with Rajjo. He warns her not to spill his name if he gets caught.

Arjun tells Rajjo to hide with her mom. He is coming with the police team. He says that Vicky is a criminal who traffics girls. Rajjo stands shocked to hear this and becomes speechless. As Arjun doesn’t get any response, he disconnects the call. Vicky ties a cloth around Rajjo’s mouth so that she doesn’t make any noise. Vicky and his friends kidnap Rajjo.

The episode ends.

Precap: Arjun stops Vicky from forcibly marrying Rajjo. Later, Rajjo stops Arjun and Urvashi’s wedding, claiming to be Arjun’s wife.

The episode starts with Arjun asking Vicky to move away as Rajjo doesn’t want to stay there. Vicky accuses Arjun of trying to kidnap Rajjo. He calls Rajjo his childhood love and his soon-to-be wife, which angers Arjun. The latter lashes him out for letting his friends intoxicate Rajjo. He says that he doesn’t deserve to be Rajjo’s husband. Rajjo asks Vicky to move away. Vicky kicks Arjun on his waist. Arjun balances himself and catches Rajjo before she falls. Arjun is about to punch Vicky, but stops finding Manorama standing in front of him. Rajjo loses balance and sits on the couch. Manorama asks Rajjo if she’s fine.

Arjun says that Rajjo is intoxicated. He says that Vicky’s friend forcibly intoxicated her. Manorama says that he will talk to Vicky later. She asks Arjun what he is doing here. Arjun stammers to answer. Vicky accuses Arjun and acts as a victim. He accuses Arjun of trying to take Rajjo somewhere by brainwashing her. In an intoxicated condition, Rajjo says to Lucknow. Vicky accuses Arjun of taking advantage of Rajjo in the closed room, which angers Arjun. Manorama stops them. She urges Vicky to leave to talk to Arjun.

Manorama asks Arjun what he is doing here, leaving his wedding. Arjun says that Vicky isn’t a good guy. He says that the other day, he heard over the phone Vicky’s friends trying to misbehave with Rajjo on the pretext of applying haldi. Rajjo confirms this. Arjun then tells how he found Rajjo dancing standing on the top of the car while Vicky was busy dancing with his friends. He says that, thankfully, Rajjo called him and told him everything, so he was able to save her from falling. He begs Manorama not to let Vicky marry Rajjo and asks them to go along with him to Lucknow. Manorama defends Vicky and asks Arjun how he could be so sure when he couldn’t have heard the conversation clearly on the call. Arjun says that he understood it with his gut feelings.

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