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The episode starts with Urvashi saying to Madhu that Arjun is having a hard time every day because of Rajjo and he may get any disease because of that. She convinces Madhu to give her the house responsibility that she would give her after marrying Arjun, so that she can protect Arjun and attack Rajjo. Madu agrees and says that she supports Urvashi. Arjun wakes up at 3:30 AM by on an alarm. He finds Rajjo sleeping. He thinks that she will wake up at 4:30. He decided to start the practice for the race.  

Arjun is doing warm-up exercise outside the house. Rajjo arrives there and greets Arjun, which shocks the latter. She says that Arjun can’t become better than her by going to exercise early. Rajjo and Arjun argue. Arjun says that he remembers her challenge to him. He says that Urvashi was right about her from day one. Rajjo wants to defeat him from day one. He says that she wants to snatch his money, his happiness and his fiance from him, but it will never happen. Rajjo says that she can see he has changed and if she asks him what happened, he won’t give her a straight answer. She says that she only wants his victory except in this race as she wants to win this race for those who are poor like her.

Arjun stops Rajjo and asks how much she will charge to keep her mouth shut. Rajjo asks what happened to him suddenly. Arjun asks Rajjo to shut up and not forget that he is her boss. He orders Rajjo to stop working hereafter and not to show up in the practice ground. Rajjo refuses to obey. Arjun becomes angry. He asks Rajjo to go to his room and wash his dirty clothes. He asks Rajjo to do what he is saying. Rajjo tries to explain to Arjun how important the job is  for her. But Arjun asks Rajjo to just do what he says. Arjun starts his practice. Rajjo thinks that she can run faster than Arjun and refuses to give up. She is determined to win the race for her mom’s sake. Rajjo practices while washing Arjun’s clothes. 

Rajjo goes out to practice along with Arjun. Arjun stops her and asks her what she’s doing here instead of washing his clothes. Rajjo says that she has done it and shows the drying clothes photo as proof. However, Arjun asks Rajjo to go inside the house as the rest of the family will also need her. Rajjo goes back inside the house. Rajjo gets her boss’s call. He scolds her for taking a sudden leave and threatens to fire her if she does it again. 

Urvashi and Arjun call Rajjo by ringing the bell. Urvashi asks Rajjo to fill the cotton in the blankets. Rajjo refuses to obey Urvashi’s order. Arjun intertwines his fingers with Urvashi and says that Urvashi is his fiance and would have become his wife if Rajjo didn’t come between them. He says that Urvashi has the rights to control the house and its maids. He asks Rajjo to do the work given by Urvashi while he practices. Rajjo obliges and says that she obeys Arjun, not Urvashi. Arjun goes to practice. Urvashi says to Rajjo not to forget that Arjun is hers. 

Pankhudi is making the list of work that Rajjo should do. Chirag asks Pankhudi how she can also torture Rajjo along with the rest of the family. Pankhudi says that she’s at Arjun’s side and he got hurt a lot because of Rajjo. She then adds that they’re not torturing her, but just giving her the work to their house’s maid. Chirag says to Rajjo that he will do the work and asks Rajjo to go and practice. Rajjo thanks Chirag and is about to go. Madhu stops Rajjo by ringing the bell and asks her to go inside the house do the household work. 

Urvashi is with Arjun. She goes aside, making an excuse when she receives a call from the moneylenders. Meanwhile, Rajjo’s boss phones Rajjo and fires her from the job. Rajjo prays to God to show her a way. She sees Urvashi angrily talking on the call and grows suspicious that she’s something up to. Urvashi says to the moneylenders that she will return their money to them. She hangs the call. She says that she has to become Arjun’s legal wife soon and, for that, she should get rid of Rajjo first. Rajjo says that Urvashi will definitely make any mistake and is determined not to spare her this time. 

The episode ends.

Precap: Arjun and Rajjo race. Rajjo defeats Arjun. Arjun faints. 

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