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The episode starts with Arjun encouraging Rajjo to not give up on finding her mom. He then says to Rajjo that he can’t accompany her to buy clothes for her as it’s his locality and if anyone spots him, his mom will be notified about it. So he shows Rajjo the clothes’ shop and asks her to go and get clothes for herself. He gives her money for the same. Rajjo agrees and leaves. Arjun checks Urvashi’s posts on social media and gives a like.

From the shop, Rajjo whistles to get Arjun’s attention. She shows him different clothes to ask his opinion. Arjun wonders why she’s showing the clothes to him. Yet he gives a thumbs up. Raajo returns buying a pair of clothes and says to Arjun that it’s enough for her. Arjun goes back to the shop and buys some more clothes for Rajjo. The latter asks why she got so many clothes as she’s going to stay with him for lifelong.

Arjun gets angry and shuts her mouth. Just then Arjun receives Urvashi’s call. He receives it. It’s on the speaker. Urvashi express excitement to go on the trip with Arjun. As Arjun isn’t replying, she thinks that there’s some network issue. She sends kisses to him before hanging the call Rajjo teases Arjun. She asks Arjun if he is going to the forest with Urvashi. Arjun nods yes. He thinks that he should go with Urvashi and wonders why he is following Rajjo all the day when he should be spending time with Urvashi. He says that he belongs to Urvashi and she’s his companion, not Rajjo.

Later Arjun gets ready to leave on the forest trip with Urvashi. He instructs Rajjo to not use lights of his room in his absence. He gives her a torch light to use it. He also gives her a phone which has some songs to which Rajjo can listen when she gets bored and a headphone. He orders food for Rajjo in online. Rajjo says that she can starve for one day.

Arjun says that he doesn’t like that she starves. He says that he will instruct the delivery boy and asks her to collect the food from the balcony. Rajjo assures Arjun that she will manage and won’t make any noise. She asks him to go with urvashi and says that she will be waiting for him. Arjun gets touched when she prays for his safety. He locks his room from outside and leaves.

Arjun lies to Madhu that he is going for a business meeting. He takes her blessings and leaves. Madhu finds that Arjun’s behavior has changed ever since he returned from Nainital. Rajjo pulls up the food bag from the balcony. Madhu notices a shadow and gets suspicious. She comes out of the house and looks at the balcony. She doesn’t find anything. She is about to go. She stops hearing Jhilmil and her daughter mocking a neighborhood woman who claimed that she saw a girl climbing up and jumping down from Arjun’s balcony. Just then Kalindi says to Madhu to lock his balcony too as he locked his room. She says that Arjun is hiding something. Madhu along with the family members go to Arjun’s room.

Meanwhile Arjun receives a call that Manorama is found. In the house, Madhu breaks the lock and opens the door. Madhu and the family are shocked to see Arjun inside the room. A FB shows that Arjun returns home and hears that his mom is going to break his room’s lock, so he climbs up the balcony with lot of difficult and hides Rajjo.

The family question Arjun for lying to that he is going for a business meeting and eating online food hiding inside his room. Madhu doubts that the matter is different. She demands Arjun to tell the truth. Rajjo is hiding in the cupboard and prays to God to save Arjun. Dadaji comes to Arjun’s rescue again. He says that he asked Arjun to order food online. Kalindi asks why Arjun has to eat the outside food inside a closed room and asks who locked the door from outside. Dadaji says that Arjun was coming to them taking the food, but they were busy, so he asked him to have the food going to his room.

Arjun also confirms what Dadaji said. However Kalindi gets suspicious and looks around. Madhu reminds Arjun that he should be more careful with his health after giving his one kidney to Chirag. Arjun apologizes to Madhu. The latter says that she will learn online how to cook his favorite food. Arjun hugs Madhu. As family is conversing with Arjun, Kalindi goes near the cupboard to open it.

The episode ends.

Precap: Madhu seatches in Arjun’s to find what he is hiding. Rajjo is hiding inside the cupboard. Madhu finds a girl’s hair on the bed and wonders whose hair it’s. Rajjo gets shocked when Madhu is about to open the cupboard.

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