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The episode starts with Pushkar noticing the blood drops on the floor. He realizes that Manorama is alive and is scaring him by disguising herself as a spirit. She decides to teach Manorama a lesson and regrets her being alive. Arjun goes to his room, wondering where Rajjo is. He finds Rajjo in the room. He checks if Rajjo is hurt and asks Rajjo if he had tightly tied her hands with his. He scolds Rajjo for leaving the room without telling him. Rajjo lies that she went to get water.

Arjun apologizes to her for scolding her and Rajjo also apologizes to him for leaving the room without telling him. Arjun puts Rajjo to sleep. He says to Rajjo that he made an important decision about their relationship. He scolds himself for talking about it when Rajjo is already worried about her mom. Rajjo asks what his decision is. But Arjun says that it’s not important for now.

The next morning, Madhu is arranging for Puja. Pushkar looks around and wonders where Manorama is. Madhu finds Pushkar worried. She goes to him. She asks him to control his emotions, else everyone will ask what happened to him. She says that she organized the puja for him. She asks him to stay calm as everyone’s attention is on him after what he did last night. Pushkar asks Madhu where Rajjo.

Madhu says that she would be with Arjun shedding crocodile tears to get his sympathy. She angrily leaves. Pushkar wonders where Rajjo would hide her mom. Manorama arrives with her head covered. She thinks that today Pushkar will be exposed and they will get justice. Pushkar is about to turn around and sees Manorama. But Rajjo pulls Manorama aside and takes her from there.

Manorama wants their remaining plan and asks Rajjo not to get involved in this. But Rajjo is determined to help Manorama. She says to Manorama that they will first distract the Thakurs by filling the room with smoke. Then Manorama will appear in front of Pushkar and then leaves. Pushkar will go after her, following her. She says that then Manorama will scare Pushkar to death so that he will confess his crimes. She will record the video of it in her phone to get proof against him.

Rajjo says that Manorama needs her to execute it. Manorama says that she will do everything alone as she’s not her plan’s part. However, Rajjo says that she’s part of her, so she will help her at any cost. She leaves. Manorama grows worried that Rajjo and Arjun’s relationship will be spoiled because of their attempts to expose Pushkar.

Arjun brings Rajjo downstairs to get her routine checkup done by the doctor. Manorama tries to add the powder into the havan kund. But Pushkar arrives there, so Manorama hides. Rajjo notices this. Rajjo helps Manorama when Arjun is busy talking with the doctor. She pretends to feel dizzy and falls near the havan kund. She puts the powder in the Havan Kund. She shows a thumbs up to Manorama. Arjun takes Rajjo upstairs. Arjun helps Rajjo get ready. Sab Tera plays in the BG.

Rajjo asks Arjun what he wanted to say to her last night. Arjun says that he just wanted to get her signature on some papers which would reduce their pain and their life’s problems. He says that it’s not important now, they will talk about it after she gets well. Rajjo shows Arjun the Vermilion box, asking him to fill her hairline with it. Arjun obliges. He puts a nazar tika behind her ear. He takes her downstairs. Rajjo is shocked when she sees Manorama climbing the steps. Manorama also sees them and turns to the other side, hiding her face.

The episode ends.

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