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Show Anupama will celebrate Ram Navami. Anupama and Anuj will pray together. Shruti will be shocked. Know more details below.

In today’s episode, Aarush tries to harass Pakhi. Pakhi cries for help. Anupama helps Pakhi. She hits Aarush for harassing Pakhi. Pakhi asks Anupama not to spare Aarush. Anupama slaps Pakhi for not listening to Vanraj, Paritosh, and Leela. Aarush tries to escape. Anuj hits Aarush. Aarush manages to escape after hitting Anuj. Anupama worries for Anuj. Anuj asks Anupama and Pakhi if they are fine.

Aadya and Shruti spot Anupama and Anuj. Anupama decides to heal and take care of Anuj’s wound. She tries to tear her saree to cover Anuj’s wound. Anuj gives his handkerchief. Anupama asks Anuj to come to the doctor. Anuj refuses to go to the doctor. Anupama and Anuj spot Aadya and Shruti.

Vanraj gets angry at Pakhi. Leela scolds Pakhi for lying to them. Everyone lectures Pakhi. Pakhi says something wrong happened to her. Anupama scolds Pakhi. 

Anuj asks Shruti and Aadya to understand Pakhi was being harassed; thus, he helps Anupama. Shruti asks Anuj not to give clarification. She suggests keeping veneration. Aadya avoids Anuj. Shruti asks Anuj to visit the doctor.

Anupama remembers Anuj and gets emotional. Leela consoles Anupama. She asks Anupama not to worry, as they will go back to India soon. Leela wishes to celebrate Rama Navami. She invites Anupama. 

In the upcoming episode, Shahs and Anupama celebrate Ram Navami. Anuj will accidentally bump into Anupama to celebrate Ram Navami. Will Shruti let go of Anuj? Will Anupama accept Anuj in her life? Watch out this space for all the latest updates on your favorite show Anupama.