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The episode starts with Ram is worried about Koyal. Ram says that at first he saw Sara Mahola but now can only see Koyal. At the same time a customer is coming to Ramdulari’s parlor but then Kahasuni comes and says that their parlor is better than Ramdulari’s parlor and they take the customer with them.

  Ram notices everything but says nothing. That’s when Patang arrives. Ram is happy to see him and greets him. Ram asks him why did he come here. Patang tells him that he has come to meet Dulari. He lies to Ram that Dulari wants him to be with her.

Ram says if Dulari wants it then he can stay. Patang is happy to think that his plan finally work and now can stay at Ram’s house with no worries. He falsely praises Ram that he is the best.


Dulari reads a book with tips on controlling her husband. Dulari is surprised to think that every time husband and wife relationship is ruined by another woman. Then suddenly Patang arrives and sees Dulhari reading the book and says that Dulari should hide the book.

Dulari asks why? Patang tells her that if anyone comes to know about this book, the book’s prescriptions will not work. Dulari believe his words and ready to hide the book.


On the other hand, Ram is busy with the beauty parlor work when he gets the sound of a song. He feels that it is Dulari who is singing song for him. But then he sees Koyal and gets shocked. He asks her the reason for her arrival.

 Koyal says that she has come to apologize because yesterday when Dulari find him in the bathroom, she acted as if she did not know anything about it. Koyal says but she did it so that Dulari doesn’t get anything wrong. Ram mocks her by saying that it would be better if she thinks nothing.


Koyal says but she has thought of something more dangerous this time. Ram asks what? Koyal shows him their engagement photo and says that she is thinking that she should frame the photo and hang it on the wall of the room. Ram snatches the photo from her and throws that out.

 Koyal says that he has created trouble for himself by doing this because someone can get a photo from outside and what if the photo fell in the hands of Dulari or Patang. Ram gets nervous. He goes out in a hurry and starts discovering the photo.

Then Patang comes to him and says that Dulari has found a picture of him. Ram gets scared and runs away to Dulari. He asks Dulari what picture she has got. Dulari then give a photo of him and his cheating friend and says why is he still holding this picture. She says that Ram is very innocent who still holds the photo of his ill-fated friend.

While the same time Ram breathes a sigh of relief thinking that this is not the photo he was thinking. But at the same time he gets a message from Kahansuni who threatens him by showing him a photo of him and Koyal and calls him to meet them at night.


At night Ram goes to Kahansuni’s parlor and asks what she wants in exchange for the photo. Kahansuni says that they wants Ram to keep his parlor closed for 3 days so that they can eran something. Ram does not agree with this.

Kahsuni then threatens to him by saying that they will expose this Photo in Chowk market. Then Koyal comes there and says that she too has a secret that she can uncover. She shows Kahansuni the photo where they was mixing the chemicals in beauty products.

 Both get scared and Koyal rescues Ram from them. Further, Dulari decides that she will not try the prescription book on Ram and she decides to get the Patang out of the house too. Episode end.