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The episode with Ram keeping his hand on Dulari’s head and thought to tell her all the truth about koyal , at that moment koyal comes there and says she went to Ram’s parlour when he was closing it and as the lights were off her leg got slipped and she had fallen into his arms by mistake, Ram agrees with her.

Dulari says why koyal went to the parlour after closing time , to which koyal says she went to tell Ram that she will make him eat gajar ka halwa from her hands , koyal was about to enter their house when Dulari stopped her . 

Dulari says all the women have made Ram as ATM pin , all the time they are chanting his name , she further says atleast leave evening time for Ram & Dulari , koyal says she understood and will not come in the evening , to which Dulari says and stop adressing her as sister from today as pandit ji have warned her that the girl who will call her Didi will get detached from her heart , so from today she will call her  Koyal and koyal can call her Dulari with a “ji”.

Koyal thinks Dulari can stop her from entering the house but cannot stop her from entering Ram’s heart while the other side Dulari thinks she won’t let koyal take Ram away from her , Ram looks at both and gets tensed .

Ram and Dulari is sleeping with a smile on their faces , Dulari gets up and  looks at Ram lovingly and says she will never let the smile fade away from his face . She promised that she will never let anyone come in between them and will apply every trick to keeps Ram to herself. She prays to God and decides to apply the tricks of  book that patang had given her .

At that time Patang comes and warned Dulari about koyal , Dulari starts reading the book. She reads trick No.1 and gets shocked , patang takes the book and starts reading the warning , Dulari ask him to read Trick no.1 in which it’s mentioned that wife should not speak as she have to keep maun_vrat , Dulari says how she will do this , she can’t live without talking to Ram .

Patang says you have to do this orelse Koyal will take Ram away from her, Dulari gets tensed and says she will do this . Patang wrapped a thread on Dulari’s hand and says she can’t say anything from now on , he further reads that they can only open this thread  after 3 days and if this thread will get break then husband-wife realation will also get shattered, he continues and says nobody should know about this trick ,Dulari tries to say something but patang reminds her of the thread.


Dulari looks at sleeping Ram and adores him saying she can do this “maun_vrat” for him as it’s only for 3 days. Someone knocked the door and Dulari opens it and gets shocked to see Koyal in bridal attire and shouts for Ram , he also gets shocked seeing koyal and ask her what she is doing in bridal attire to which koyal says she came to take Ram which shocks Ram and Dulari .

Koyal  does her Grah_pravesh and enters inside their house , she opens her bag and takes Garland from it and puts it on Ram’s neck then she takes  out sindoor , Ram shook his head meanwhile Dulari also signs him not to do this but koyal takes his hand and makes him put Vermillion on her head (music plays) then she bends and took his aashirwaad , Dulari and Ram stands their in shock .