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Episode starts with koyal barging inside Ram’s room while he warns her not to come without knocking, she dismisses his warning and says she is here to inform that her love for him is much more then Dulari’s! Ram laughs saying if she had really loved him then she wouldn’t have separated Dulari from him and further ask her to stop her acting, he confronts her that she is using her brother’s accident to get into his life, at that time Menika comes there and ask why he can’t able to see Koyal’s love?

She reminded him about his past mistake, to which Ram says that he have already apologized to koyal for it and declares that he will talk and will try to make Koyal’s family understand about his condition, while Menika and koyal gets worried, Menika ask him not to drag the issue and marry koyal, Ram’s mother comes there and agrees to Menika, Rudra Prasad also joins them warning Ram that if he goes to talk to Koyal’s parents then he will witness his death face making everyone shock and then leaves from there followed by others.


Ram injured himself while Dulari gets worried seeing him, he runs towards her while she also came towards him ( keh do ke tum ho mere warna song plays) Dulari looks at him with teary eyes and ask why he haven’t treated his

Wound? To which he replies that she wasn’t there to treat him! (Song continues) while they get lost in each other’s eyes, later Dulari tied cloth on his bleeding hands and hugs him with longing eyes, while Menika and koyal keeps an eye on them, Menika advice koyal to do something to create difference between Ram and Dulari.


In the morning Dulari and neighbors gets shocked seeing orchestra in front of Ram’s house while Koyal along with Ram’s mother and Menika comes out with 3 covered plates and goes towards  Dulari, Dulari questions them about their visit to which koyal says that she thought about her decision of marrying Ram and gets doubtful if she is doing right or wrong? While Menika replies to koyal that she is definitely doing wrong as she is snatching someone’s husband, Dulari gets confused and ask what are they trying to say?

 While koyal smirks and all three of them removed the cloth from plate, Dulari gets stunned to see Shagun Thaali and looks at Menika who says that koyal will marry Ram and ask Dulari to marry Koyal’s younger brother kinkshuk making Dulari and neighbors freezed. Ram’s mother ask koyal to show the photo of her brother and gives it to Dulari insisting her to accept the proposal.

 Koyal says if she doesn’t accept the proposal then she have to leave from there as she don’t want Ram to meet Dulari after their marriage, While Menika murmers that if Dulari says yes then she have to go from here and if says no then they will get her married to Koyal’s brother and will send her there so in either way Dulari must have to leave and smirks.

Dulari prays to god for help as she can’t choose either of the options, at that time she got Patang’s call who informed her that Koyal’s brother isn’t injured at all and her doubt was right that there is some planning going on to separate Ram from her but before he can say anything else his recharge got over and phone gets disconnected.

 Dulari comes out and declares that she is ready for the marriage making everyone shock while Menika doubts that how she agreed so easily? Dulari keeps two conditions for the marriage that she will marry kinkshuk on the same day when koyal and Ram will get married and her kanyadan will be done by Ram’s parents, the second condition was that every ritual of her marriage will be done from Ram’s house, Ram’s mother smiles at her while Dulari says if they agrees for both the conditions then she is ready for the marriage, at that time Ram shouts Dulari to stop, he comes forward while Dulari smiles and informs him that his mother bought an alliance for her and she is ready to accept it, Ram looks shocked and says how can she marry kinkshuk who is even bald? To which Dulari says maybe after marrying kinkshuk she will get happiness making Ram shocked. Ram’s mother puts tika on Dulari’s head while Menika and koyal takes a breath of relief,

on the other side Irfan caresses Chacha’s bald head. Ram’s mother gives shagun dress to Dulari while she accepts it and goes towards Ram’s house happily along with them, Menika grits her teeth saying they wanted to throw Dulari out of their life but she is coming back to their house, to which koyal smirks saying that she won’t let her enter Ram’s life.

 Dulari removes her footwear and smiles going inside the house while Ram looks at her with confused face. Menika sees Dulari and says she is smiling as if she have won something, to which koyal says that Dulari can never break her strategy, on the other side Dulari promise herself to break Koyal’s strategy as Ram always belongs to her and will be hers only.