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Episode starts with koyal and Menika selecting sarees for the functions, Hema compliments koyal that she will look great in them making her happy while Menika picks a saree and says it will suit her, to which Koyal makes faces and   taunts Menika saying that she is not koyal that every thing will suit her, she further compliments herself that she can even slay an old piece of torn clothes,

 Menika gets sad hearing her but fakes a smile asking koyal to keep the saree as it will suit her more and continues to select something else for herself, koyal smirks saying she gets what she wants, Ram looks at them while Dulari signals him to come towards her. She takes him inside store room while Ram gets romantic with her, she ask him to listen to her carefully and told about whatever Patang informed her,

 Ram gets shocked that Koyal’s brother isn’t injured and happily concluded that then his parents won’t go to jail and so he don’t have to marry koyal, to which Dulari says that they have to collect proofs to show it to everyone, she further shows him the pictures which patang sended while Ram says that it’s of kinkshuk and not PadmaBhushan, Dulari agrees to him and says that she also have to go to Jhansi as Patang can’t do this alone!

To which Ram says that they both will go but Dulari stops him saying if they will go then Koyal will get suspicious, somehow Ram agreed and ask Dulari to stay safe while she ask him to relax, later they hugs eachother.


Dulari informs Ram’s mother about visiting Salkandpur’s Mandir while koyal and Menika questions her about it, she says that she is going there to take god’s blessing and will come back soon while Menika and koyal gets suspicious. Dulari glares at koyal and takes her leave.


Dulari reaches Jhansi and waits for patang, at that time he comes there in devastated state while Dulari controls her laugh seeing him, he emotionally told her how people mistook him as thief and have beaten him brutally, he complains that he have done so much for Dulari while she is laughing at him! To which Dulari scolds him saying he can’t do even a single work,

 Patang apologise to her and says that he got confirmed news about the accident and says that he knows where PadmaBhushan is admitted, he further declares that there is one problem as visitors are not allowed to meet him, koyal says that they will anyhow meet PadmaBhushan even if they have to disguised themselves and warns patang that they have to be careful about koyal as she shouldn’t get to know about their visit.


Dulari disguised herself in nurse attire and prays to got to help her, she goes to room no. 223 to see Koyal’s brother PadmaBhushan.

On the other side Koyal dances on Dilbar-Dilbar song around Ram making him irritated but at that time Rudra Prasad comes there and shouts at them asking who played the song? Koyal immediately covered her hair while Ram answered that koyal played the song making everyone shock, Rudra Prasad scolds her while Ram smirks.


Dulari sees Padmanabhan covered with bandages and gets worried, she further introduces herself to him and told about  all the matter, she begs her him to tell about the truth of his accident while he ask her not to plead as she is like his younger sister and informs her that he doesn’t know anything after the accident and continues that he even doesn’t remember who admitted him in the hospital, Dulari gets tensed while he says that Menika must be involved in these things, he gives her a box saying there is a secret inside it and ask to open it only after going back to bhopal.


Dulari returns back to her house and gets happy seeing the romantic decoration, she thought that it is done by Ram but kinkshuk came towards her and says he have done it specially for her, Ram glares him from aside and comes forward intentionally bumping into kinkshuk making him fall down and removed his wig, Dulari controls her laugh seeing the scenario, at that time everyone gathered there and Ram’s mother asked how kinkshuk came?

While Menika replied that she called him to spend some quality time with Dulari before the wedding, Ram’s mother happily ask to start preparation for the wedding but Ram’s father sneezed and transformed into Rudra Prasad shouting at everyone to go. Ram ask Dulari that if she got any information while she tells him that accident news is true but PadmaBhushan doesn’t remember who have done it, while Ram looks on.