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Episode starts with Ram’s mother asking about PadmaBhushan while Dulari replies that they found him, Menika hears this and smiles widely, she comes near Ram-Dulari and does her melo drama, at that time koyal joins them glaring Dulari and congratulate her from getting saved from going to jail while Dulari glares her back saying that truth never hides. Ram’s father ask Menika to be thankful to Dulari who found her husband, to which Menika makes faces and goes inside.

Dulari keeps thinking about PadmaBhushan’s words and gets worried that something is surely wrong, she remembers how scared PadmaBhushan was and paces around her room, at that time she gets a call from Patang, she asked him and other neighbours to come back immediately as they found PadmaBhushan and needs them here to solve other problems.

Later she gets a call from PadmaBhushan who informs her that Menika only have written that letter and asked him to handover that box to Dulari, he continues that he loves Menika more then anything and that’s why done all this for her, he further warns Dulari that Menika is planning something big against her and he is alerting her cause he consider her as his sister, he revealed that on the day of accident someone had pushed him in front of Ram’s parents car, Dulari gets shocked and says that if they could find  the person who pushed him then they can solve this case while PadmaBhushan agreed, later she ask him to take care of himself and cuts the call, she sees kinkshuk outside the window and thinks something.


Patang comes in disguised look and ask Kinkshuk about Ram, while he ask the reason to meet him? To which Patang says that earlier he was also bald just like kinkshuk and everyone used to tease him but then one day Ram had done his head massage and since then his head-face are full of hair, kinkshuk gets excited while Patang ask him to go and meet Ram and take his blessings as if Ram blesses him then he will have hair everywhere,

kinkshuk thanked patang and goes to Ram’s parlour, He ask about it to Ram while Ram says he only gives massage to his close friends who tells him secret informations while kinkshuk says him to start and ask whatever he wants, Ram starts his champi and slaps kinkshuk head taking out all his anger, Ram questions him that why he wants to marry Dulari to which kinkshuk says that she is too beautifull and is a typical housewife, Ram fumes and slaps his head more, later Ram ask why Menika wants him to marry koyal and who is involved in PadmaBhushan’s accident? To which Kinkshuk replies that he doesn’t know! While Ram slaps him more harder, Kinkshuk runs away from there.


Ram goes to Dulari and says that he tried but failed to find out the truth from kinkshuk as he didn’t revealed anything, Ram gets disheartened while Dulari encourages him saying it’s difficult but not impossible and they together will get a solution to this problem, she further says that they just need to find the person who pushed PadmaBhushan in front of car, she looks at Ram saying that then he will only be hers while Ram embraced her saying he is and will be only hers no matter what, Menika hears them from the window and says that Dulari is way too clever but then smirks thinking about a plan to separate Ram-Dulari.


Kinkshuk keeps praising Dulari making her uncomfortable while Ram fumes and then hits him with spoon asking sorry while Dulari laughs, Ram then stab his hand with fork while kinkshuk winces in pain but doesn’t show to put himself strong in front of Dulari, at that time Menika came along with koyal and shows wedding card for Ram-koyal and Dulari-kinskhuk’s marriage, koyal sees it and says it’s way too simple and demands for the best card, while Menika says that she have already distributed cards to everyone making Ram-Dulari shock.

Ram shouts at Menika while his mother also supported him saying Menika should ask before doing anything, Ram’s father says he doesn’t approve the card but then he sneezed and transformed to Rudra Prasad who approved the card and appreciates Menika making her happy. Ram goes through the card and declares that date is wrong while Dulari says that this will increase pressure on Rudra Prasad as he have to shift all the arrangements, to which Rudra prasad agreed to Dulari and ask to print the cards again,

Menika says that cards are already distributed and if they change it then people will bad mouth about Rudra prasad and their family and so suggested to keep the date what’s printed, Rudra prasad agreed to her making Ram-Dulari shock.


Dulari and Ram along with Patang, Irfan and other neighbors keeps discussing about the issue while Ram says that kinkshuk knows the truth and they just have to find out from him, Dulari gets an idea and smiles.

 Kinkshuk keeps going when Dulari calls his name from back making him frightened, he bites his nails and runs from there screaming loudly while Dulari comes forward saying that she thought men doesn’t gets scared, to which he says that he isn’t scared and shouted because of happiness in getting married to her, she fakes a smile and says that she wants to know more about him before marriage while he blushes and encourages her to ask whatever she wants.