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Episode starts with Menika doing her melo drama in front of Rudra Prasad blaming Dulari for everything, while Rudra Prasad says that he is tensed cause of the situation, Menika starts saying bad about Dulari’s character when Ram’s mother comes there and defended dulari stating that she is pure. Rudra prasad warns them that nobody should know about this orelse they will have to bear humiliation, while Menika says that she have a plan and whispers it to them.

Ram stands on Dulari’s door with tea in his hand while Dulari rushes to open the door feeling his presence but then stopped saying that she won’t open it till he knocks the door, she smiles saying that he should ask sorry from her first, Ram was about to knock but stopped remembering yesterday’s incident, he pours the tea on cup and kept it on the table attached to her door, but then thought that if he won’t give her tea then she will think that he is angry on her and will get tensed, he was abou to knock the door when Rudra prasad came there and calls Ram,

Dulari came near door to hear there conversation. Rudra prasad says that Dulari have put down their dignity, he further says that it’s confirm that Kinkshuk and dulari have slept together throughout the night and if people get to know about it then they will have to face humiliations and if Menika’s in-laws get to know about it then they won’t accept her back, while Ram says that of they don’t tell it to anyone then noone will know about this matter, Rudra prasad replies that these kind of matter didn’t get hidden!

 And declares that Dulari will marry kinkshuk today only orelse he will suicide, Ram and Dulari gets shocked. Dulari comes out and says how can he say like this? Rudra prasad says that he is man of his words and can do anything to save his family’s reputation, She cries and agrees to marry kinkshuk for her family while Ram looks at her getting stunned.


Dulari keeps crying sitting on her bed when Patang comes there and says that shouldn’t have agreed to Rudra Prasad, he says that they don’t even have time to find the truth, Dulari says that since when Ram have seen her with Kinkshuk he is behaving weirdly and she can’t able to bear it as it’s the most painful thing for her.

 On the other side Ram shares his problem with Irfan who says that Ram should immediately find some solution for it, to which Ram says that he isn’t getting what to do as he thought that Dulari could get the truth out of kinkshuk and that’s why agreed to her marriage but now Dulari is on their side! While Dulari says to Patang that she isn’t getting what’s going on in Ram’s head?

 To which Patang consoles her and advice to talk to Ram while she says that earlier he used to understand her silence also but if he doesn’t understand it now then she also doesn’t wnat to talk to him, while Ram says that Dulari should come and talk to him and keeps thinking.


Kinkshuk gets excited for his marriage with Dulari and wears his sherwani, at that time koyal comes there with a sad face and ask Kinkshuk to help her to get married to Ram today only! Menika joins them and they makes a plan to mix the same pill in Ram’s tea which they mixed in Dulari’s drink. Kinkshuk questions about the pill to which Menika says that she never shares her plan to anyone while Radha gets shocked hearing them.


Patang and Irfan keeps waiting for someone when Radha comes there and informs them about what she heard. Patang gives her alcohol bottle and ask to do the work while she agreed. Patang ask if she could do it? While Irfan says she can.


Kinkshuk gets scared seeing Ram while Ram hugs him happily and ask sorry! Kinkshuk smiles and forgive him, they further shakes hand starting their friendship, Ram ask him to come to his parlour while kinkshuk remembers the previous incident in the parlor and gets frightened, Ram puts his hand on kinkshuk’s shoulder and takes him.

Dulari sees them while Kinkshuk happily says that Ram is doing his grooming for free making Dulari shock, she thinks that Ram isn’t trying to stop the marriage and gets teary eyes while Ram and Dulari have an eyelock. Ram goes from there along with Kinkshuk leaving Dulari keeps looking at him.