According to Randeep Hooda, his physical metamorphosis for Sarbjit was emotionally draining. His mother had to return to her homeland since she couldn’t bear seeing her kid starve to death.

For his 2016 film Sarbjit, Randeep Hooda underwent a major change. In a recent interview, the actor stated that his mother was so disturbed by his starvation that she left his home and returned to Haryana. In an interview with Brut India, Randeep revealed that he lost over 30 kgs in preparation for his role in Sarbjit.

Randeep said he decided to starve himself after learning about his part and how Sarbjit Singh had been living in a cell with little food. He said he felt he looked like Brad Pitt from Fight Club when he first lost weight and decided to shed much more.

The actor said, “I dropped 30 kilos in all. And last 18 because the more weight I lost, the more I stopped eating, the better I looked.

Apart from the physical transformation, this was also an emotional journey for him. “It gave me a lot emotionally, taught me a lot about how he must have felt deprived of things. I went crazy. I went mad. Solitude can kill you,” he said. The actor shared that after a while, his mother felt like he was just killing himself and she could not watch his process.

Randeep said, “My mother was also here and she left. She said I can’t see you do this. She tried to stop me. She would make things that I like. She asked, ‘Why are you killing yourself?’ She left for Haryana, saying ‘I can’t take this anymore.’” His mother would prepare his favourite foods, such as Gajar Palak, Kheer, and Choorma, to entice him into eating.

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