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Drama to galore in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai!

In the upcoming episode, Ranveer will miss Sirat. Here, Kartik will bond with Sirat. Ranveer will express his love for Sirat.

So far in the episode it is seen, Sirat and Kartik along with Himanshu waits for Namrata. In the meantime, Sirat reveals to Kartik about her childhood with Ranveer. She tells to Kartik how Ranveer used to make her feel special every time. Sirat tells to Kartik how Ranveer used to support her effortlessly. Here, Sheela reveals about Ranveer and Sirat’s love story to Riya. Riya asks Sheela if Ranveer was rich. Sheela tells to Riya that Ranveer was very rich. Riya concludes Sirat from her early days used to trap rich man.

Meanwhile, Sirat tells to Kartik how Ranveer encouraged her for boxing. She gets teary while talking about Ranveer. There, Riya asks Sheela if Ranveer marry Sirat. Sheela tells Sirat and Ranveer was about to marry by eloping. Riya asks Sheela to tell more information about Ranveer.

Other side, Kartik asks Sirat not to talk about Ranveer anymore. Sirat thinks Kartik is very good and she can’t believe on her destiny for making her meet latter. There, Ranveer helps Namrata. She asks her not to worry as he will make her reach her destination on time. Sirat and Ranveer both miss each other. Song Humari Adhuri Kahani plays in the background. Ahead, Kartik says to Sirat that they both has a past. But they need to move on in their life. Sirat understands Kartik’s word. Ranveer and Kartik’s car crosses each other. Ranveer fails to see Sirat.

How Ranveer’s entry in Sirat’s life changes the equation between her and Kartik, will be interesting to watch.

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