Rati Pandey has always been someone who loves to experiment with content, and hence, taking up projects with different story lines or delving into Bhojpuri cinema comes very naturally to her. She started this year with a banh with her second Bhojpuri film and an ad with none other than Bobby Deol, who has been riding high since his Animal success.

Ask Rati about her experience, and she says, “It was really a pleasure and honor to share the screen with Mr. Bobby Deol. Though it was for a short period of time, as an artist, quench never dies, so I am definitely looking forward to working with him in the near future again. As a person, he is very down to earth and more of a shy person who speaks less on the sets, and me being a chirpy and talkative girl, I had to put in an effort initially to break the eyes, but he made me really feel very comfortable. The whole team was quite friendly and fun to work with.”

We always wish to see more of this goreous actress now, whether through films, TV, or ads.