Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke actor, Shaheer Sheikh in his recent post is talking about Citizenship Amendment Act( ACC)!

Nation is going through a tough time after CAA bill is passed. Each citizen is expressing their views on the bill. Some are supporting while others are against the Supreme court decision.

Most of the celebrities shoot their views on the CAA and recently, versatile actor Shaheer Sheikh also took his social media and expressed his view over CAA. Actor in his post seen supporting the non-violence and under the hastage #Humanityismyreligion #loveAndRespect #SaveMyCountry #saveHindustan he quoted a picture that says “I respect all beliefs and ideologies. We all know that there is a supreme power and we call it by different names because we speak different languages. SO I BELEVE all religions came in to existence because man felt the need to control the society, to have some law and order. Now it can’t be the reason of unrest. Extremists and fanatics are not good for any society. My nation is known for its unity and diversity, let’s not lose that. If you disagree with anything there are peaceful ways of expressing that”. Check out the post below.

Soon after his post; Shaheer’s admirers appreciates his thinking. A fan out in commented under his post saying ‘Simply superb and first we all are citizens of India not for Religion. As an Indian, we believe in Unity and Diversity, Love and Respect and Humanity, I too agree with U (Shaheer), Loves a lot, Thank You for Sharing ur Views #@SKommabathula

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About Citizenship Amendmant Act (CAA)

A law passed on December 11, 2019 that paves the way to citizenship for Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Parsi, Buddisht and Christian refugees from Afganistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan who came to India before December 31, 2014

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