An Indian Show with a Muslim backdrop is easily countable on finger tips, as they are few in numbers.

ITV is full of ‘n’ number of genres and special characteristic shows but shows on Muslim backgrounds are risky to experiment off because in India Hindus are at majority and crowd loves to watch the shows with that touch. But we can’t also deny the fact that past shows like ‘Qubool Hai’, and ‘Beintahaaa’; inspite of Muslim backdrops gained popularity and was adored by the fans. Now in the count, under Zuby Kochchar and Dheeraj Kumar production ZEE TV drama Ishq Subhan Allah that is based on Muslim background is breaking the stereotype and this show leads the 10:00 pm Slot.

Set on Lucknow background this series is uniquely famous because of the plot of the story that focuses on today’s top controversial issue ‘TRIPPLE TALAQ’.

This story starts with Zara Siddiqui (character played by Eisha Singh) and Kabir Ahmed (character played by Adnan Khan), who after completing their high degrees had an argument about Triple Talaq and their debate went viral on internet. Soon after it became Viral the duo was forced to marry each other. Apart from this what more engages the viewer’s check the details below.

Top Reasons Why Ishq Subhan Allah Is Famous:

  • Grand set and rich Muslim lifestyle:


One feels connectivity when see reel life is more relatable and inspired by real life. So, this show connects many through its lavish Muslim lifestyle.

  • Strikes the sensitive issue:

‘Triple Talaq’ in India has been a subject of controversy and debate. Thus through this series the way makers have highlighted all the high points till date to change the perception on it through this drama is praise worthy.

  • Sizzling Romance between Zara and Kabir:

 The chemistry of Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan as Zara and Kabir is hot!

Though when the duo got married in an unfavorable situation, there were differences between them but after confessing the love for each other Zara and Kabir leaves no chance to do romance.

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