Currently doing Sanjivani 2, Surbhi Chandna is one actress who is climbing ladder of success with every show in her career but her heart still the same. Surbhi’s recently win the award of Most Stylish Diva at Gold Awards and her commitment towards work is commendable. Does that make her our favorite celebrity? To some extent we agree, but we find her endearing because of few more basis. 

She maintains her true self:

No matter what happens, Surbhi is raw. Obviously, being a diva she has to maintain her persona but deep inside she is herself. She interacts with her fans in her natural form like a next door door girl of the neighbourhood. Her followers feels like she is one of them and pour their heart out. She never fakes in real life. 

Bundle of talent:

Surbhi is a bundle of talent. Not only she is great in acting, she is a great dancer too. Surbhi comic timing is exemplary which can be seen in all her characters which she portrays. Her emotional scenes make people cry. Doing all that she looks extremely cute and so Surbhi. Whatever character, she never miss to put her little bit original self. That makes all her characters very intriguing. 

Loves to experiment:

Surbhi never shy away from experimenting. She loves to experiment in her characters, in her dressing and in her overall personality. She keeps on adding little bits in her character and her characters always grow in shows. In real life too, her instagram account has all shades of fashion. Whether it is extra shimmery dress or a pastel and dull color, she wore all that with equal ease and still look beautiful. 

Sexy Look:

According to experts parted lips are regarded as the one of the most sexy faces of all. If you look closely to her instagram account Surbhi has parted lips in all her pictures. She doesn’t fake it, it’s natural and that’s what makes her more sensuous and endearing.

Hit comment section for your reasons to find her so endearing. For more such updates, keep reading this space. Till then, Let’s Get Buzzing.