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Colors TV newly launched shows Pavitra Bhagya managed to grab viewers’ attention on the first day of its launch with its unique storyline. The show focuses on the lives of Reyaansh, Pranati, and Jugnu and the change in equations in their life.

As its reported earlier Reyaansh decides to carry out Dadi’s orders out of jealousy. Now it will be seen that Reyaansh gets shocked seeing Jugnu affected by her illegitimate status and decides to give her, she deserves rights.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Reyaansh out of jealousy on Archit decides to hurt Pranati by separating her from Jugnu. He shows a real care for Jugnu which results in her slowly getting away from Pranati. He sends her off to enjoy the day without Pranati’s knowledge. Archit informs Pranati about Jugnu, not in school and Pranati rushes there to witness Reyaansh. She understands its Reyaansh’s plan and bursts out at him.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Jugnu will be assigned a project to speak about their most favorite thing. Jugnu first takes up the topic of Happy Family as suggested by Mallika but while presenting she presents her favorite topic as illegitimate.

Reyaansh and Pranati gets shocked hearing how much Jugnu got affected by everyone’s constant mocking of her being illegitimate and feels ashamed and failed. Reyaansh who loves Jugnu now wants to give her the deserved legal status as his daughter.

Will Reyaansh adopt Jugnu legally? Or will he get married to Pranati to legalize their relation?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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