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Drama to galore in colors show Ishq mein Marjawan.

Last we reported, Riddhima accuse Vansh for kidnapping herand forcing her for the abortion. Vansh get shocked hearing the accusation. Riddhima tell to Vansh that she has seen signature on consent form. Vansh accuse Riddhima that it was her decision to abort the child. Riddhima ask Vansh to cut the crap and celebrate the moment as he won against a mother. She reveal to daadi and Singhania’s that her baby is no more because of Vansh. Riddhima call Vansh a murderer.

Further, Riddhima reveal that Vansh is not guilty as she knows well about his signature. She disclose her plan to expose the real culprit. Riddhima also tell that she and her baby is fine. Other side, Anupriya and her partner in crime celebrate the moment. Both decide to separate Vansh and Riddhima forever. Here, Vansh confront Riddhima about taking a decision alone for aborting their child when he was ready to accept their baby. Riddhima decide not to disclose to Vansh about their baby being saved. Afterwards, Riddhima spot someone is eyeing upon them. She decide to behave rudely with Vansh until real culprit is exposed.

Now in the upcoming episode, Vansh will regret hurting Riddhima. He will ask her to stay away from him. Other side, Vansh will decide to sell his Ruby to restore his loss. Kabir will over hear Vansh’s talk and will decide to steal the Ruby. Ahead, Riddhima will execute her plan to catch the red gloves person and will get succeed. There, Kabir will help Riddhima, Vansh will get jealous spotting Riddhima and Kabir together. Meanwhile, Anupriya will fix bomb in Riddhima’s room. Keep watching the show to unfold more mysteries.

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