Actress Ridheema Tiwari is on cloud nine this days as her portrayal in Ghulaam as Maldawali is getting praised across the corner.

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When asked about it Ridheema says,”The way the role of Maldawali is presented is a dream its an extremely powerful role clad in the best of sarees. Maldawali is unpredictable in her actions, hence I feel its a special role.”

Talking about the feedback Ridheema says,”People have loved me from head to toe, they have actually noticed every single detail which I wasn’t expecting them to. People want to see more of me everyday knowing my actions are not very appreciative.They have also loved the way I was introduced in the show. They already loved me and that’s wonderful because it gives me a major boost to do better everyday.

People who have seen the show they know that Maldawali is bold and hot. So how do you manage to look so convincing?  Ridheema adds;”I know this about myself that I manage to look quite attractive in whatever I wear. More important is the attitude with which you carry yourself along with a great posture elegance and confident persona, which gives one the courage to become whatever comes in the way. I strongly believe that in order to convince others one should first convince the inner core. When I wear my clothes as Maldawali I evolve.”