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The episode starts with Diya getting shocked seeing the broken Bedi. She rushes to save the idol from falling. Madhuri gets angry and asks her why she came here. Diya tells what happened and Madhuri calls everyone for help. Arjun helps Diya in holding idol. Dadi says everything happens for a reason. Because of Diya only Arjun came here and they both attended the puja due to this mishap. Diya wasn’t allowed to attend the puja. Arjun gets angry hearing that and leaves. Diya goes behind him but Dadi asks Madhuri if she still doesn’t want Diya to attend the puja.

Madhuri realises Durga Ma is angry maybe thus this bad omen happened. She stops Diya from leaving and tells her to attend the puja. Diya gets happy and thinks Arjun atleast attended for a short time. Diya comes to Arjun’s room as he is sitting quietly. She explains why she hid the matter from him of not getting permission to attend the puja. Arjun gets angry and punishes her saying she has no self respect. His family accused her and she accepted them all without taking stand. Diya gets upset. Karan hires two men to attack Diya in Agarwal mansion so that she doesn’t come to camp.

During puja Madhuri tells Diya to join them. She tells Deepika to play sankh and the latter fails. Niharika acts smart but she also fails to play sankh. Dadi tells Diya to do it and she plays it beautifully. Karan’s men enter Agarwal house and look at Diya. Karan says just how he threw away Arjun from badminton world Diya will face the same.

Niharika tells Tina about everything what happened during Puja. She says Diya impressed Madhuri by her drama. Kush enters and acts like crying. He teases Niharika saying she failed to play sankh which Diya did. Niharika gets annoyed and Kush asks her who she was talking to. Niharika makes excuse saying she has a personal space, Kush should not interfere. She adds Diya is bad omen for this house. Kush holds her hand tightly and says that Diya saved the idol from falling but she didn’t do anything. Niharika shouts and says Kush is her husband but he is taking Diya’s side. She won’t spare him.

Diya peels the skins of coconuts and the house helps request her not to do that else Amitabh Madhuri will get angry. Diya says she is used to it as she did it many times in her house during laxmi puja. She plays badminton so she has strength. Deepika tells Diya to leave that work but Arjun says it’s good workout for Diya also she is enjoying it as she wants to avoid practice by doing puja preparations. Diya gets irked and says why Arjun teases her like this. Arjun says he has a work for her. Deepika tells Diya that after a long time Arjun seemed so happy just because of her.

Episode ends