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The episode starts with Arjun asking Diya and Meera what are they talking about. Diya lies to him that Meera can’t pay the school fees of Bablu as Mohan is not here. Arjun says he is like Meera’s son and he will give school fees of Bablu. Meera leaves in hurry and he asks Diya whether Meera is worried for some other reason. Diya tells him not to worry. He gives forehead kiss to her and leaves. Diya says how she will hide the truth from Arjun. Niharika roams around street and recalls how Arjun threw her out. She looks messy.

Karan talks to Ajit saying he did a mistake by underestimating Ajit. Now Diya won’t play and Arjun will lose the match because of her. Arjun tells Diya to get ready for the practice. He says he wants Meera to share her problems with him. Soon he will gain her trust. Diya says she won’t practice but she wants to stay with her mother for some days to give her company. She adds Meera is alone and depressed as Mohan is jobless. Arjun says but how will she play the tournament if she won’t practice. She can call her mother in mansion. Diya says Meera won’t come to stay here as she has her own principles. She thinks the kidnappers might hurt Bablu if she practices badminton.

Karan brings Niharika in his home and she wakes up from sleep. She gets surprised seeing him and says he gives her milk. She drinks it at one go. She says she was so hungry. She lost everything. She has no shelter or has no money to buy food. She cries and Kavita gives food to her saying she should eat and relax. Niharika gobbles the food. Arjun asks Diya to not leave house at this time as she won’t be able to practice. He says he wants to accompany her so that he can practice with her. Diya doesnt allow him and they get into an argument.

Kush comes and asks them to come for practice but Arjun says Diya wants to stay with her mother and doesn’t want to practice. Diya says why can’t she spend two days with her mother. Kush says she can go. He tells Arjun to not overreact as Diya has some responsibilities towards her family. He says he will make preparations for Holi party. Arjun says something is wrong else Diya wouldn’t have stopped him from going to her house. He decides to find out.

Niharika burps and then she thanks Karan for giving her shelter. She says without him she could have died on the road. She says now Agarwals will never trust her after what Diya did to her. Karan says she can again do something. She just have to act like she is really helpless. Niharika says that won’t work. Karan tells her to keep eyes on Diya and Arjun and their goodness is their weakness. They will surely allow her to stay in the house. Niharika agrees. Arjun goes to Diya’s house and looks for her. He doesn’t find her and suspects where she went.

Diya threatens Karan not to harm Bablu. He acts like he has no idea. Kavita also warns her. Diya says she provoked Ajit and he told her everything about them. Karan says he doesn’t know Ajit. She says he should not lie. Arjun will kill him if he crosses his line again .

Episode ends.